National Scrap Car

Are you hoping to “scrap my old Mercedes” without having to settle for a lacklustre sum? Then we may well be able to help. National Scrap Car is one of the UK’s leading scrap comparison sites for not just scrap cars but repairable vehicles too.

We have a UK-wide network of trustworthy, professional buyers, and when you use our site you don’t need to spend time making endless phone calls or travelling to scrap yards. You can get things moving with us right away.

You can find the best rates for your old motor within seconds on your laptop, smartphone or computer. You only need to enter in a few details or can alternative pick up the phone and we’ll talk through your options with you. Whether your car truly has reached the end of its life or can be repaired, expect the get the best prices with us.

The scrap metal recycling trade is buoyant, which means that there are always buyers ready and waiting to extract the valuable materials from your vehicle. Our buyers also have to adhere to our customer-focussed terms of practice, so you can expect to experience real quality when you sell with us. All the relevant paperwork will be brought to your door too.

You’ll also receive the exact price quoted to you when you’re “recycling my old car” with us. We don’t deal in false, computer-generated quotes or work with unscrupulous buyers. Get more for your old motor by using our service today.

If it’s time to say goodbye to your motor, get the rate you deserve.

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