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Nationwide Water Solutions specialise in all aspects of water treatment and provide water hygiene services throughout the UK.

Experts in water tank maintenance, we can also offer advice about new tanks, water systems, cleaning, chlorination and disinfection and water analysis.

Water Tank Repair

If a water tank is worn or corroded it doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced. Nationwide Water Solutions’ experts can assess the damage and recommend the best course of action. Leaky water tanks can become contaminated so our team is fully knowledgeable about the required relevant legal requirements and will inform you of the best approach to take with a damaged tank along with an estimated repair time. Our competent team have experience in the repair of water tanks for large water companies, public institutions and residential clients - you can be sure we’ll provide you with a competitive quote.

Water Tank Lining

Water tank lining is an ideal solution to repair the damage caused to your water tanks by daily wear and tear which raises the risk of bacteria and other contaminants getting into the tank. Nationwide Water Solutions’ revolutionary polypropylene lining system uses no chemicals or solvents so is ideal for the job. Our water tank liners are made to measure for your specific installation ensuring a precise fit and minimal downtime for your business. Ultimately a damaged tank will need to be replaced but our hygienically safe, cost-effective solutions can help for the interim.

Water Tank Installation

Although Nationwide Water Solutions endeavour to keep your water tanks healthy for as long as possible, the time will come when they’ll need replacing which is where our water tank installation services can help. Our range includes:

  • One piece fibreglass tanks for easily accessible sites
  • 2 or 3 piece tanks for restricted areas
  • Sectional tanks for hard to access areas

Please contact us for a free quote and more information, we have installed water tanks in factories, hospitals, prisons, public buildings and private residences. You can rely on us.

Water Tank Disinfection

Clean water is often taken for granted but outbreaks of legionella, E. coli and other waterborne diseases do still happen. We have been providing hygienic water solutions for many years and are experienced in the disinfection of water tanks.

Nationwide Water Solutions’ team of experts can travel to your location, wherever it is within the UK or Republic of Ireland to offer advice and help you choose whichever water system disinfection or chlorination method best meets your requirements. We provide all the relevant documentation and certification for your records and ensure that your system meets required regulations.

Legionella Management

Nationwide Water Solutions provide a full Legionella Management and Monitoring service. Designed to meet your company’s specific needs, we can either undertake all testing on your behalf or train elected personnel from your business to carry them out with ongoing advice from us.

Our Legionella Monitoring includes:

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Sampling
  • Cold Water Storage Tanks
  • Temperature Mixing Valves
  • Showerheads/Tap Spray Inserts
  • Little Used Outlets
  • Calorifier Inspections
  • Closed System Analysis

Please contact us for further information or with any specific questions.

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