Nature Metrics

Nature Metrics is an award-winning technology start-up using cutting-edge genetic techniques to monitor biodiversity.

We use high-throughput DNA sequencing to monitor biodiversity and measure natural capital in the environment at unprecedented scales in the natural environment with implications for environmental impact assessment, water quality assessment and pest control. This has the potential to provide faster, cheaper and more accurate analysis and monitoring of biodiversity (animals, plants and microorganisms).

We work with a wide variety of industries and organisations to build a detailed understanding of how to protect and grow biodiversity and natural capital through adaptive management techniques in forests, farms, fisheries and beyond.

Our Services:

  • biodiversity survey
  • edna survey

  • aquatic survey

  • fish survey

  • Metabarcoding

  • great crested newt survey

  • invertebrate surveys

Visit for more information about Nature Metrics as well as our eDNA, Metabarcoding and Metagenomics services.

Nature Metrics Overview