Genotypic microbial identification: We use a polyphasic approach for the identification of microbial contaminants from product and environmental monitoring and sterility testing programmes for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

We use genotypic methods including MicroSeq 16S rDNA analysis, MLST, ITS sequencing and qPCR alongside phenotypic methods including MALDITOF and MIDI fatty acid analysis.

For more information on genotypic microbial identification, visit our website.

Reference and Quality Control Microbial Cultures

Reference and quality control microbial cultures: Our reference microbial cultures are supplied in freeze dried ampoules. Our reference cultures are mainly environmental microorganisms or industrial microorganisms. Cultures can also be supplied as active cultures.

We sell a specialist range of QC cultures for numerous applications, including media testing. These cultures are produced from the same seed stock as the organisms in the NCIMB Reference Collection and adhere to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

For more information on reference and quality control microbial cultures, please visit our website.

Contract Freeze Drying Service

We provide a comprehensive contract freeze drying service and biomaterial storage.

NCIMB is an International Depository Agency (IDA) and accepts bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes, bacteriophages, purified DNA, Plasmids and plant seeds for deposit of organisms subject of patent applications. As an IDA we meet the deposit requirements of patent offices in USA, UK, Japan and most European Patent Office.

We also provide a private, confidential safe and secure biomaterial storage facility. We store material at a wide range of temperatures including refrigerated (2 – 8°C), frozen (-20°C) or vapour phase liquid nitrogen (-170°C). The facility benefits from a high security, 24-seven cover, continuous temperature monitoring, system capacity and ‘at temperature’ back up facilities, controlled recall and distribution of material. We are IATA certified.

For more information on our contract freeze drying service, visit our website.

NORM Testing Services

We provide comprehensive and market leading NORM testing services.

Our NORM testing services include the testing of scales, sand, sludges and produced water for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (radium, lead-210 polonium-210) using alpha and gamma spectroscopy.

Whole Effluent Assessment

We also specialise in providing whole effluent assessment.

This whole effluent assessment service includes rapid, cost-effective MARA and LumiMARA multispecies bioassays for toxicity assessment of trade effluent discharges, production waters, scales, sediments and soils.

Oilfield Microbiology

We provide comprehensive oilfield microbiology services. These oilfield microbiology services include oilfield microbial surveys, microbial-analysis and fuel and fuel component analysis.

We deliver microbial contamination and corrosion monitoring using both MMM and traditional MPN based approaches for quantification and identification of microbial contamination and microbial influenced corrosion.

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