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We have over 25 years experience of supplying specialised products for the hardware, DIY, building and furniture manufacturing sectors. We supply screws and screw packs at highly competitive prices. Our aim is to offer a refreshing and flexible approach to supply systems. 

Our screw packs suit the majority of our customer's requirements and our products include cross recess and slotted hardened twin threads and chipboard, traditional slotted screws, raised and round in steel and brass screw cup washers, turned sockets, cover caps and plugs, mirror, decking, self tapping, and machine screws.

Traditional Slotted Woodscrews

We supply a range of traditional slotted woodscrews including slot countersunk and a variety of round and raised head traditional woodscrews.

Hardened Twinthread Woodscrews

We offer hardened twinthread woodscrews for a range of applications and in various sizes.

Our hardened twinthread woodscrews can be produced with countersunk or round heads.

Decking Screws

Our decking screws have cross recess countersunk heads used for standard drive bits. Our decking screws are produced with hardened steel for ultimate strength.

They are corrosive resistant and provide fast and easy use with a tidy and neat look.

Connecting Bolts and Fasteners

We stock a comprehensive range of connecting bolts and fasteners including flat socket connector bolts, socket cap nuts and cross dowels with zinc centre hole.

Our connecting bolts and fasteners also include allen keys and handle screws.

Wall Plugs

Our wall plugs come in a diverse range of yellow, red, blue and brown and in a variety of screw sizes. We also offer loose wall plugs for re-packing.

We also stock screw cups and cap covers in a range of coloured plastic and our screw cup washers are manufactured in nickel, plastic or solid brass.

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