Neat Concepts Ltd.

Spray Paint Finishing

Neat Concepts are specialists in Spray Paint Finishing

Our Euro 500K investment in a reciprocating spray finishing line with air drying and UV curing enables us to use the latest environmentally friendly water-based finishing technology, whilst allowing us to revert to solvent based systems where the application demands. We are confident that we are close to industry best-practice levels of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions in relation to the volume of production

Panels and components receive their coating from 4 compound angle reciprocating high pressure airmix spray guns, which are computer controlled, so we have great repeatability on all flat and profiled boards. Our system coats edges and faces in one pass, so it’s cost effective when compared to other systems, which require hand spraying of edges for example.

We offer a high volume – fast turnaround service. We can turnaround a truck-load of priming in quick-time on board sizes up to 12’ x 4’ (3,660 x 1220 mm), but we also offer a small batch service.

Other than the obvious choice of colour we can offer a variety of top coat finishes. We offer a variety of sheen levels including: matt (5%), satin (20% to 40%). Other finish characteristics in the range include:

  • Clear coat lacquers
  • Scratch resistant paints
  • Exterior paint
  • Maximum panel characteristics
  • Maximum panel width 1,220 mm
  • Maximum panel length 3,660 mm
  • Maximum thickness 50 mm
  • Maximum weight 60 Kg



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