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We specialise in Subsea Pipeline Leak Detection Services. We rent requested equipment and deploy Subsea Pipeline Leak Detection engineers to your required destination around the world.

Subsea Systems Due to transportation our Subsea Systems are compact, often hand carried by leak detection engineers. These are light and can be deployed on AUV / ROV. Neptune Oceanographics Subsea Systems have been designed with this in mind, can be installed in a underwater inspection vehicle in a couple of hours.
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Leak Detection Services

Based in Oxfordshire, Neptune Oceanographics provide a specialist service in the Subsea Pipeline Leak Detection field.

We function worldwide providing a quality service for subsea detection. Our bases cover UAE, India, Singapore, Norway and UK. Our services include provision of experienced engineers to operate leak detection systems and equipment rental.

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Hydrocarbon Detector

Hydrocarbons have been undetectable in the subsea environment until recently, this is due to technology advancing.

Hydrocarbon Detector can now detect foreign bodies/chemicals in the water also displaying data in time. It can detect methane and other gaseous hydrocarbons. We have recently developed a Hydrocarbon detector that can detect mono ethylene glycol (MEG).

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PLD Fluoresent Leak Detection (FPLD)

The Neptune's FPLD is designed around the submersible flourometers.  Sensors are active to the range of hydrocarbons and fluorescent dyes detecting a range of quantities emerging from leaks. Neptune's systems advantage is the ability to detect low concentrations in turbid conditions.

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Accoustic Subsea Pipeline

Accoustic Subsea Pipeline uses directional hydrophones that 'listen' for ultrasound produced by fluids leaking under pressure.  The leak generates the acoustic signals at frequencies above 50kHz. The software can establish between a low frequency noise and a leak generated sound.

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