Neupert Ingredients GmbH


Neupert Ingredients stands for global trade in vegetable raw materials, additives and specialties. For many years now, we supply the food-, cosmetics-, pharmaceutical- and feed industries with raw materials that are processed to various products of renowned brands. Our top priority is to fulfil the high requirements of our customers concerning quality and price-performance ratio.

The Neupert Group is located in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Great Britain, Austria and China. Our product portfolio offers thickening, binding and gelling agents, anti-oxidants, functional proteins, super foods, powdered milk products, amino acids, psyllium, acid regulators, lecithine, sweeteners and starch derivates, micro-algae, extracts and various specialties.

Neupert Ingredients GmbH

We meet rising quality expectations with our total quality management, continuous inspections of our suppliers, certificates like ISO, FAMI QS and BIO as well as the long relationships with our partners. Decades of experience in trading with raw materials enables us to analyse the international market and consult our customers according to trends, development of prices and buying decisions.  

• locust bean gum
• lecithin Binding and thickening agents
• carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC)
• carrageenan
• guar gum
• artificial sweeteners
• xanthan gum

Neupert Ingredients GmbH
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