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With our consistently renewed techniques and manufacturing processes, we are able to produce complex parts such as crown splines.

As well as our ability to manufacture complex components such as crown splines, our work also covers instrument gear boxes and a wide variety of other products and components.

Aerospace Machining Services

We provide a vast array of precision component solutions including professional and comprehensive aerospace machining services.

Our aerospace machining services come from over 60 years of experience. In addition to aerospace, we also provide for the medical and precision instrumentation industries.

Precision Instrumentation

We are experienced specialists in precision component manufacturing for the aerospace, medical and precision instrumentation industries.

Part of the positive progression of our services and high-quality components has been to continually update our plant and facilities in order to match the ever changing demands of the precision instrumentation and other industries.

Thread Cutting

Our thread cutting manufacturing processes are extensive and include making threads in many differing ways. Our thread cutting services cater for both current and legacy standards.

  • Helicoil insert threads
  • Aerospace MJ threads
  • Pipe threads

Gear Cutting

As part of our extensive manufacturing processes and capabilities, we provide gear cutting services.

Our gear cutting services include multiple types and configurations. As well as gear cutting, we also carry out thread cutting and CAM (computer-aided manufacture).

Complex Components

We have the experience, knowledge and skill to make intricate complex components.

Producing complex components requires great accuracy and the process often calls for multiple machine processes and retention in-house.

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