Newport Industries Ltd.

Ken Roebuck - Sales Manager - Cleaning & Care
Dilip Shah - Sales Manager - Plastics & Rubber
Umut Yukay - Sales Manager - Turkey & Spanish Markets
Andrew Saunders - Sales Manager - Coatings & Inks

Newport Industries Limited, a London based company with manufacturing operations in China, distributes to a wide range of industries in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Spanish speaking markets. Supplying approx 300,000 mts a year of organic and inorganic chemicals, Newport serves the Plastics, Rubber, Inks, Coatings, Glass, Detergent and Personal Care markets.

Newport also manufacture in China a limited range of products on an exclusive confidential basis for European manufacturers.

Newport Shanghai was established in China in the 1990's, we have developed a wide range of speciality products for distribution throughout Europe, ranging from speciality Fire-Retardants, Antioxidants, Pigments, Resins and UV Light Stabilizers. With an extensive in-house Quality Management process, our products are equivalent to many leading "branded" specialities. All suppliers are audited for quality management and effluent treatment aspects.

Contact us further for product literature, or possibilities for toll manufacturing in China.

Newport Industries Ltd. Overview