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Newtons4th Ltd (N4L) was established in 1997 to design, manufacture and support innovative electronic measurement instruments for the world-wide market. Specialising in sophisticated test equipment, particularly for phase measurement, our product portfolio includes power analyzers, frequency response analyzers (gain/phase analyzers), phase angle voltmeters (vector voltmeters), phase meters, LCR meters, transformer analyzers, true RMS voltmeters, selective level meters, power analyzers and harmonic analyzers.

The company was founded on the principle of using latest technology and sophisticated analysis techniques in order to provide our customers with accurate, easy to use instruments at a lower price than has been traditionally associated with these types of measurements.

Our name, Newtons4th

The name Newton (Sir Isaac) is synonymous with a thorough understanding of physical principles from observation of the real world. His well known 3 laws of motion are so simple and clear that they are easily learned and applied, yet they give us the tools to analyze the motion of very complex systems. The number 4 represents innovation, building on what is already established. Newtons4th - innovation based on established fundamental principles.

Power Analyzer

A new generation in high performance power analysis

We’ve combined years of experience in high frequency measurement instrumentation with innovative developments in analog and digital design to produce a new generation of class leading precision power analyzers.

Reasons to choose an N4L Power Analyzer

Widest frequency Range Highest wideband accuracy
Widest voltage measurement range Highest direct peak voltage
Widest current measurement range Highest direct peak current
Highest common mode rejection Leading variable speed drive solution
High speed sampling – no gap between measurement windows Unique high speed synchronisation with low duty cycle standby power measurement

Power Analyser

The next generation in precision power analysis

In September 2006, the launch of our PPA2500 series introduced leading power measurement performance in a compact, cost effective instrument that quickly developed a reputation for exceptional accuracy and stability in the most demanding of power applications.

Now, the PPA5500 series extends our power analysis range still further for those who need the ultimate power analysis product.

While maintaining the wide frequency range and exceptional noise rejection for which the PPA2500 has become renowned, the PPA5500 series add increased voltage and current measurement ranges, greater processing power, increased memory, real time clock, high contrast colour display, 1GB non-volatile internal memory and external USB memory port.

Power Analyser

Frequency Response Analyzers

Frequency Response Analyzers
Wide bandwidth multi function measurement instruments

In a world where engineers from many different application areas require ever increasing speed, flexibility and measurement accuracy, N4L introduce a new generation of versatile measurement instruments that offer leading performance in every mode without the compromise on accuracy or the additional cost that is commonly associated with such flexible instruments.

Reasons to choose an N4L Frequency Response Analyzer

Versatile multi function instruments Self contained measurement solution
Wide frequency Range Highest phase accuracy
Full front panel control Flexible graphic display
Fast Easy to use
Wide range of accessories High performance to cost ratio

Frequency Response Analyzers

Frequency Response Analysers

An example of one of our Frequency response analysers: PSM2201
Veqtor: 10µHz–2.4MHz Frequency Response Analyser

Veqtor is a high accuracy phase sensitive multimeter, which incorporates several sophisticated measurement functions under DSP control, including vector analysis, frequency response analysis, LCR analysis and phase measurement. Phase accuracy is better than 0.1° at 100kHz, and 1° at 1MHz; tan of the angle is resolved to 0.0001 – DFT analysis gives excellent results even with distorted signals.

In either 19″ rack or space-saving tower versions and with its wide range of accessories, PSM2201 Veqtor provides the solution to applications with low differential voltage with a common mode voltage up to 500 Vpk.

Frequency Response Analysers

Impedance Analyzers

Impedance Analyzers
Precision interfaces for PSM series impedance measurement

When used together with the PSM range of frequency response analyzers, N4L impedance analysis interfaces provide a measurement solution to many impedance analysis applications. The most appropriate interface for a specific application will depend upon the nominal impedance of the sample or device being tested and the frequency of measurement and N4L will be happy to discuss the optimum solution to any application.

Reasons to choose an N4L Impedance Analyzer

Wide frequency range Wide impedance range
High phase accuracy High performance to cost ratio

Impedance Analyzers

Impedance Analysers

An example of our Impedance Analysers:

Impedance Analysis Interface
PSM series accessory for LCR test

The Impedance Analysis Interface provides all of the functionality offered by the LCR Active Head but with a wider frequency and impedance measurement range plus higher nominal accuracy. This is achieved by a more sophisticated design that includes an additional internal shunt range, a current amplifier to increase low impedance signal levels and calibration together with the PSM17xx with which it will be used.

4 wire Kelvin Connections. DC to 35MHz frequency range.
Signal level: ±10V peak max. Shunts: 5Ω, 50Ω, 5kΩ, 500kΩ

Impedance Analysers

Selective Level Meters

Selective Level Meters
Accurately measure signal levels with a preset bandwidth on
two frequencies simultaneously

Our range of selective level meters includes a entry level bench only model, a general purpose bench only model and a high specification full colour bench/portable communications test set.

Reasons to choose an N4L Selective Level Meter

Dual frequency High accuracy
Automatic centring High performance to cost ratio

Selective Level Meters

Laboratory Power Amplifiers

Laboratory Power Amplifiers
LPA Series: Wide bandwidth precision voltage and current amplifiers

The LPA range of Power Amplifiers from N4L provide AC and DC coupled wideband amplification for a wide variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Designed originally for use with N4L Phase Sensitive Multimeters, they can also be used anywhere where there is a need to boost a signal in either voltage or current.

They combine DC accuracy with wide bandwidth to faithfully reproduce complex waveforms, driving loads that may be resistive or reactive.

Reasons to choose an N4L Laboratory Power Amplifier

Unconditionally stable to any load Wideband
DC Accurate High performance to cost ratio

Laboratory Power Amplifiers

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