Our extensive database of new generators has the ideal equipment for any business. Choose your generator by power output or search by price to find the ideal generator for you.

Our range of new generators includes models from leading industry names including Aksa, Cummins and Pramac.

Used Generators

Find a generator for a significantly lower price without sacrificing quality with our range of used generators. Ideal for anyone looking for a standby generator rather than for continual use, our used generators are a popular choice.

Diesel Generators

Diesel generators offer greater reliability than their petrol-fuelled rivals due to a far more robust engine. More importantly they are far more fuel efficient, offering huge savings on continued use.

Aksa Generators

With a full range of generators to cover all eventualities, AKSA is one of the most recognised and trusted names in generator power.

All AKSA generators meet ISO 9001 standards and undergo rigorous factory testing and inspection, making AKSA one of the top ten global generator brands.

Cummins Generators

With generators ranging from 55 to 3,500 horsepower, Cummins is the largest diesel engine manufacturer in the world.

Cummins Power Generation specialise in industrial equipment and power generation, with Cummins generators available for sale at

Pramac Generators

neXpower supply Pramac generators made specifically for the retail market, complying with all international standards for complete peace of mind.

Pramac generators range from 1 to 3,360 kVA and offer customised production to suit the specific needs of the customer.

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