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Trading since 1979, Ninehundred Communications provide products and services that give your organisation the right tools to connect with your workforce, customers and suppliers as well as a range of security solutions to help protect your assets - whether they be fixed, moving or your people.



Two Way Radio
Site Solutions and Satellite Broadband
Security Solutions
Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Mobiles, Phones and Data
Wireless and VoIP Connectivity


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Here at Ninehundred Communications, we have been providing a wide range of two way radios since 1979 and have established ourselves as one of the largest independent providers of two way radio technology.

Supplying two way radios from the leading manufacturers, we can provide two way radio equipment from the most basic to specialist ATEX radios, feature rich state of the art digital two way radios and backed up by comprehensive support packages. We provide various options to purchase radio equipment and have a large two way radio hire fleet.

We are able to supply a wide range of accessories for radios from the leading manufacturers such as Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Hytera, Entel, Tait and Simoco.

We provide in-house service and repair facilities and our own Engineers cover mainland UK to deliver, install and service radio systems.


At Ninehundred Communications we offer a broad range of options and specialist engineering services that deliver vital communications when people depend on them most.

Our range of Site Solutions include reliable and fast satellite broadband with a range of packages to suit different needs. Satellite broadband is the core product of our Site Solutions Division and ideal for businesses that struggle to get an internet connection in rural and outlying areas or for more temporary purposes such as construction sites and development projects. We also supply robust satellite phones and satellite tracking.

Utilising our satellite broadband service, we now provide a comprehensive site solutions modular package that allows customers to bolt add ons to their satellite broadband connection to create a powerful site solution. Ideal for construction sites or remote sites requiring more than just a broadband connection our site solutions can include the addition of:

  • CCTV
  • VoIP Phones
  • Print & Email
  • Two Way Radio Systems

All are available to buy or hire.


Our Security Solutions Division offers a wide range of surveillance and security equipment that's available to either buy or hire. We are accredited to the SSAIB standards.

Operating with its own team of experienced specialists we carry out installations, maintain, service and repair of all our products.

Providing Access Control Systems, CCTV Systems we also provide Intruder Alarm Systems and carry out Structured Cabling and System Integration.

We provide the following services UK wide:

  • CCTV Installations
  • CCTV Maintenance and Maintenance Contracts
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • CCTV Accessories
  • Access Control Installations, Maintenance, Service and Repair
  • Intruder Alarms 


Ninehundred Communications have been supplying and installing vehicle tracking systems for over 15 years. The systems we supply are used in our own vehicle fleet, so we know how much they benefit our business and what they can do for yours.

Reduce fuel costs, reduce operating costs, understand and develop best practice driver behaviour and importantly, enhance the levels of service you can deliver to your customers.

In conjunction with CCTV products our tracking division also provides vehicle cameras. Whilst vehicle CCTV can be installed as independent solution, we can provide vehicle CCTV that is integrated with vehicle tracking.

In the age of a "where there's blame there's a claim" culture you can help protect your drivers and organisation from the ever present issue of wrongful blame and fraudulent claims.


We added mobile phones to our product range when they were first launched in the 1980's. Mobile phones and data devices have developed over the years and these days are a vital tool for any business.

As a Vodafone and Mainline EE Dealer we provide a wide range of mobile phones, smartphones and other data devices and tariffs to meet the needs of your business or organisation. We connect to the major networks providing broad

Our vast knowledge and expertise in mobile phones and data devices means we are able to not only offer a wide choice in handsets and tariffs, but provide excellent advice and solutions for all your business needs. We also specialise in mobile phone rental, ideal for those who need a mobile phone quickly but without the long term commitment.

This division provides other products and services including:

  • Landline to Mobile / Mobile to Landline
  • Fixed Lines
  • Fixed Line Broadband
  • Unified Communications
  • Account Management
  • In Vehicle installations UK wide


With many wireless connectivity solutions at hand, we can easily connect you to share technology and make big savings. In effect, all communication can be through a single device, reducing the need for multiple technologies, reducing costs and increasing productivity. Because we understand this, we can come up with some of the best wireless connectivity solutions for you.

For example, take a look at what Motorola's Total Enterprise Access and Mobility product could do for your an organisation. It's a great example of streamlining communications and allowing your business to work smarter and more efficiently.

Do you have Wi-Fi but the coverage is poor? We can enhance it, indoors or externally through point-to-point links. If you don't have any, we can design and install from scratch. Is your phone system old and tired, need some new functionality but your old equipment is too expensive to upgrade? Start again technology has made the upgrade appreciably cheaper.


The Sitecam900 is a fully portable and highly capable on site security system that provides image capture, remote monitoring and onboard PA to deter access.

This purpose designed portable tower is much more than a site camera - it offers a portable security solution - it allows controllers to see, respond and take action quickly and efficiently.

To find out more take a look at our rapid deployment CCTV tower slideshow.


Our push to talk services will provide instant communication at the push of a button with the advantages of using the mobile phone networks to cover vast areas.

Other benefits of the push to talk services we have include:

  • Flexibility of two way radio usage
  • Can be used with a range of headsets
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