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Wireless smoke alarm GS558

1. Photoelectric smoke chamber
2. DC 2X1.5V AA battery operated
3 .Loud 85dB(A) alarm signl
4. Optional frequency for 433MHz
Up to 30PCS interconnection
5. Wireless distance is more than 30 meters
Test button for easy recommended monthly testing
6.  Low battery signal
7. Safety clip festure,not allow mounting of smoke alarm without battery installed
8. 10 years life time guarantee
9. Silence funcation

AC Smoke alarm GS517

AC Smoke alarm GS517

Model NO.: Smoke alarm GS517
UL,SAI & LPCB approval pending
·AC220V-240V/50Hz with 9VDC battery backup
·Conforms to EN14604 standard
·Loud 85dB(A) alarm signal
·Low battery signal
·Photoelectric smoke chamber.
·Flash alarm indicator (red).
·Operating indicator (green).
·Test button for easy recommended monthly testing.
·Safety clip feature, not allow mounting of smoke alarm
without battery installed.
·Silence funcation

Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket GS409 / GS410 / GS411

Model NO.: GS409 / GS410 / GS411
model¿GS409 / GS410 / GS411
Approved by LPCB
Certificate No.: 1044b/01
Comply with BS EN 1869:1997
Withdraw blanket from container every
12 months and unfold
Check for damage or discolouration to surface
Check handle fixing
Discard if any evidence of damage
Packing: PVC bag, cloth bag and PVC box optional

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