Nippon Gases Offshore Limited

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Dominion Gas provide a wide range of cylinder gases, chemicals and associated services throughout the international oilfield industry. We have grown to facilitate a total of 24 locations worldwide, with a number of oversea facilities that include:

  • Singapore
  • West Africa
  • Norway
  • Gulf of Mexico

At Dominion Gas, we pride ourselves on offering both cost effective and innovative solutions, making us market leaders within our field within the UK North Sea. For more information please contact us.

  1. Acetylene and Propane Gas

    Acetylene and Propane Gas
    Everyone in the oilfield industry knows you should get your Acetylene and Propane gas from Dominion Gas.

    As the leading UK suppliers for every type of industrial gas to the international offshore oilfield industry we can complete any order for any gas. We have been doing this for 16 years now and a full order book and thousands of satisfied customers tell us we are getting it right. Thanks to this we have a reputation that many of our competitors can only dream of.

    Have a look at our website to find all you need to know about our Acetylene and Propane gas.
  2. Activated Carbon

    Activated Carbon
    Dominion Gas supply the best quality activated carbon for all your filtration needs.

    Hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, oil mist and nitrogen oxides are all removed quickly and easily from filtration units thanks to activated carbon. We have been supplying the offshore industry with the materials to do this since 1998 and currently stock the best two on the market; Sofnocarb and Purakol.

    Our full activated carbon supply service can be found in detail on our website.
  3. Archoshield Welding Gas

    Archoshield Welding Gas
    The company to trust for all your Archoshield welding gas needs is Dominion Gas.

    We have been supplying the offshore oilfield industry for 16 years now and there is nobody better to come to for your Archoshield welding gas. Our quality control measures are second to none and this, along with the experience and expertise we offer make us the number one name when it comes to gas supply in the industry.

    Find out more about our Archoshield welding gas on our website.
  4. Arco 20 Welding Gas

    Arco 20 Welding Gas
    There is no better supplier of Arco 20 welding gas than Dominion Gas.

    Established in 1988, we are the leading gas supplier to the international oilfield industry. Part of the Pixair group, the gas we supply is the best you can get, and this has earned up the enviable reputation we currently enjoy. Whichever type of gas you need for whatever job, we are the first people you should call.

    Check out our website for all your Arco 20 welding gas needs.
  5. Argon (Ar) Gas

    Argon (Ar) Gas
    If you are looking for a top supplier of Argon (Ar) gas then you need Dominion Gas.

    As one of the leading suppliers of industrial gases, our expertise and experience shines through if you are looking to purchase the inert Argon gas. We have been supplying this oilfield industry with such products as this for the past 16 years now and our reputation speaks volumes for the quality of product and customer service we offer all our customers.

    Have a look on our website for further details of Argon (Ar) gas.
  6. Calibration Gas Mixtures

    Calibration Gas Mixtures
    Calibration Gas Mixtures are a speciality of Dominion Gas.

    Due to chemical and physical properties as well as stability and quality, calibration gas mixtures is a specialist area. When you come to us you know that our 16 years experience in this area is invaluable and you will receive exactly what you require. Make no mistake, we are the company of choice for the offshore industry.

    Comprehensive details of our calibration gas mixtures are found on our website.
  7. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas
    Dominion Gas is the industry's favourite when it comes to the supply of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas.

    Whether you need Carbon Dioxide for one task in the oilfield or several there is nobody better qualified to deliver your order. With 16 years experience of supplying all manner of gases to the offshore industry we have earned ourselves an exemplary reputation of which we are rightly proud. Once you have tried us you won't use anyone else.

    Our Dominion Gas website has full details of our Carbon Dioxide (CO2) supply service.
  8. Cylinder Preparation

    Cylinder Preparation
    There is nobody better qualified that Dominion Gas for all your cylinder preparation needs.

    Every cylinder has to be correctly prepared in its own unique way before it is filled with gas. This process is critical to ensure no particles, moisture or residual gas is present that will contaminate the contents. Our experience, expertise and reputation let you know that there is nobody better than us to undertake this task.

    Our cylinder preparation process is explained in full on our website.
  9. Diving Gases

    Diving Gases
    Nobody carries a better range of diving gases than Dominion Gas.

    Whether it be SCUBA or deep sea we have supplied the oilfields industry with all the diving gases they need for the past 16 years. As we are a member of the Pixiar Group you know you are dealing with a company to be trusted. By ordering from us today you can be the latest in our ever growing list of satisfied industry customers.

    Our full range of diving gases can be found on our website.
  10. Gas Cylinder Testing

    Gas Cylinder Testing
    The name you can trust for all your gas cylinder testing is Dominion Gas.

    As we have been an approved transportable pressure equipment testing body by UKAS on behalf of the DoT there is nobody better qualified than us to test your gas cylinders. Our state of the art facility in Aberdeen is second to none and all our customers know that when they come to us they are guaranteed the best possible service.

    Our website gives full details of our gas cylinder testing service.