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Nitronica celebrates 13 years as an independently owned company. Earning its stripes with a 60+ year legacy.

Nitronica has created long-term relationships with clients in many sectors including, Aerospace, Renewables and Telecoms. Our experience has served us well, cultivating a skilled workforce with the aptitude to diversify.

 In our business agility is key!

The capabilities that are inherent in our business remain very much at the core of everything we do, however, we also have a proven track record in re-engineering, yielding greater efficiencies in production, operations, and ultimately cost reductions. We relish the challenges such projects present. With a highly proficient staff profile across various disciplines in the EMS field, coupled with flexible production facilities, we are well positioned to take on more complex projects that require meticulous attention to detail.

Customer focus is central to our company philosophy. Our customer profile and long serving relationships attest to our ability to partner and where necessary, advise. Our NPI department, thrives on the challenge to solve problems and suggest improvements that benefit all stakeholders. Nitronica work on innovative projects that embrace cutting-edge technologies and our eye is always on the end user, who deliver the final verdict on any product.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your needs, please contact us – we are confident that we can partner with you to achieve your goals.



Nitronica has created long-term relationships with clients in many sectors including, Aerospace, Renewables and Telecoms. Our experience has served us well, cultivating a skilled workforce with the aptitude to diversify.


Our products fly 1st class. Nitronica’s component parts can be found in 1st class cabins on one of the world’s best known airlines.

Providing privacy and convenience for both passenger and cabin crew, Nitronica are proud to be a part of this first class service. Our highly skilled staff manufacture a range of high specification, full build, component parts for the aerospace sector.

Working closely with our customer, we aim to surpass the rigorous standards set by the industry and produce a product to exceed even 1st class standards. Our combination of technically advanced materials, clever design and Nitronica’s agile capabilities, means the production line sends out the highest quality product, cost effectively and in a timely manner. Nitronica have extensive experience in the aerospace sector, if our experience could help your project contact us for more information


We are all using more multimedia technology in our homes and expecting higher standards from our equipment.

Our customers are at the forefront of this multimedia technology. From high end Hi Fi equipment to sound enhancement technologies, Nitronica helps them to improve your listening experience.

The technology and application of audio equipment has advanced quickly over time and our customers need to keep pace with this change. Using our agile production line and our ability to produce high quality assemblies, we are helping them to serve this fast moving market. We work with OEM’s, who create cutting-edge sound systems for TVs, laptops and multimedia/Hi Fi applications, working in a continuous cycle of improvement to ensure their market leading position is maintained. We compliment that cycle with our own flexible, cost effective production capabilities and commitment to excellence, ensuring that our customers stay ahead of their competitors. For help with your audio solutions, please contact us for more information.


In some of the world’s most volatile geographical areas, technology from our production line is assisting government forces.

We can’t tell you much about these contracts, what they are, where they go or whom they are for. This is because our Defence customers place high value on our confidentiality.

From remote equipment, which disarms explosive devices to specialist systems helping to protect against hazardous material attacks, Nitronica’s technology is helping to save lives.  Creating state of the art military systems for challenging environments and applications, means that our customers rely on Nitronica’s ability to produce high quality, dependable parts and assemblies to exacting standards. We pride ourselves on ensuring the safety and effectiveness of this vital equipment. If you would like to know more please contact us and we will be glad to be of service.


The colour of a pint of beer is not what people think of when asked about Nitronica, but to one customer it is how their business started.

Ensuring product continuity for some of the world’s biggest brands requires careful attention to detail and the ability to rely on your equipment.

Colour measurement and quality control in the food and drinks industry amongst others, is an important part of the quality control measures that are put in place to ensure consistency of the end product. Nitronica produces key components on behalf of its market leading customers for innovative and technically advanced testing equipment.

We work on a diverse range of innovative products from industrial inkjet printers to the production of a self-service candyfloss machine, to be found in a shopping centre near you!  For more information or assistance with your product please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it.


Andor Technologies is a global leader in the development and manufacture of high performance, scientific digital cameras.

Producing world class equipment for many different applications from academic and industrial uses to complex government applications, Nitronica is proud to list Andor Technologies amongst its customers.

In this sector our customers are global leaders in precision built Instrumentation of all types, allowing scientist’s to take digital pictures in low light situations and enabling them to analyse material structures.  With the help of our production line, manufacturers of scientific instrumentation can provide state of the art surface analysis equipment, which has become an essential tool for the development of advanced materials in many areas of technology, from bio-materials to semi-conductor materials.  Such highly sensitive and complex systems requires the exacting manufacturing standards that Nitronica offer.  To find out how we can help your company please Contact Us for more information.

Oil & Gas

Our customers operate in harsh conditions such as off-shore oil rigs. The component parts we supply have to survive in the same environment.

Nitronica supplies robust, reliable parts and assemblies while maintaining quality and cost efficiencies.

Supplying parts for safety critical applications within the Oil & Gas sector means that quality cannot be compromised. We supply parts and assemblies for cutting edge safety and security systems which save lives.  With the help of the team at Nitronica, our customers produce high quality systems which safeguard multimillion pound installations with cutting edge safety and security systems. These systems maintain our energy supplies in the most testing operating environments.  We can meet your exacting standards too, please contact us to discuss.

Renewable Energy

The journey has begun to a new world where vehicles are clean, quiet and recyclable.

Mainstream car and commercial vehicle manufacturers are now offering desirable electric and hybrid cars. These innovative technologies are currently being supported by the Nitronica production line.

Nitronica is working closely with OEM’s, specifically in the hybrid and electric vehicle sectors, who are producing innovative, energy efficient solutions which save companies and individuals money, reduce carbon footprints and ultimately enhance the user-experience of the consumer. Renewable energy is a fast growing area for many economies, with the prevalence for continuous and radical innovation to produce low cost, low emission, energy efficient technology.

If your company has a great renewable energy idea please Contact Us to find out how our expertise can assist in your product development.


With 3 times the floor space of the Empire State Building, 23,000 employees and over 200,000 calls made daily; The Pentagon needs a sophisticated telecoms system.

Component parts of this state of the art system came off Nitronica’s production line, in fact, you will find our work in similar systems across the globe.

The Telecommunications industry continues to play an increasingly vital role in the global economy and Nitronica has a rich history in this industry. Such are its credentials in the sector, optical switches using parts made by Nitronica end up in some of the world’s most securely controlled and intricately connected buildings. On a day to day level, every time you make a phone call or are waiting for a traffic light to change, it is highly likely that Nitronica has provided a key component for that system.  We aim to work closely with our customers to advance their technology and help them produce slicker, more efficient products for the future. To find out how we can help improve your products contact us.


The capabilities that are inherent in our business remain very much at the core of everything we do, however, we also have a proven track record in re-engineering, yielding greater efficiencies in production, operations, and ultimately cost reductions. We relish the challenges such projects present. With a highly proficient staff profile across various disciplines in the EMS field, coupled with flexible production facilities, we are well positioned to take on more complex projects that require meticulous attention to detail.

Full Product Build

Nitronica has the expertise, breadth of capabilities and scope, to build any electrical product in its entirety.

As a long established manufacturer in the EMS sector, we employ a combination of professional systems, together with strategic alliances with suppliers, to ensure greater control over the supply and cost of the component parts.

From consumer audio products, to very large and complex high technology production equipment, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that cost efficiencies are maximised and delivery dates are met.

The process of outsourcing full product builds can often be difficult and time consuming.  We make this as painless as possible, seconding engineers and buyers to the customer for short periods of time where necessary, to assist in the process and gain first hand knowledge of the customer’s products and systems.

The key to successful management of complex builds lies in our experienced teams and advanced New Product Introduction (NPI) process.  Consideration of Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Cost Reduction potential is an integral part of this process. Our NPI team has a proven track record in conquering complex products, managing the transference and outsourcing beyond customer expectations.

We also have the additional benefit of Heavy Lifting capabilities not available elsewhere in the sector.

To speak to one of our team about your product build please Contact Us now.

Cabinet Integration

Traffic congestion is the worst part of the day for most people. Easing congestion and making your journey to work smoother is the main aim of our customer.

Nitronica is an intricate part of this process making full Cabinet Integration units for traffic management systems.

Cabinet Integration and Panel Build is a specialist area for Nitronica. Solutions used globally to improve traffic flows, reduce congestion, journey times and limit pollution, represents what we do for just one of our customers.  We also produce units for use in other sectors such as  Security, Telecoms and Oil & Gas. Whatever the complexity and whatever the technology, Nitronica will be able to procure, assemble and test, prior to packing and despatch worldwide. To find out how we can help your company, please contact us for more information.

Our Cabinet Integration capabilities includes:

• Custom cabling
• Software loading and testing
• Sub rack manufacture and installation (including backplane and daughter cards)
• Power installation and configuration
• Heat management
• Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems
• Alarm systems

Cable Assembly

What do Stamford Bridge, Anfield, Twickenham and Wembley Arena all have in common?

Besides being world class sporting venues, they all house state of the art voice evacuation systems to keep the public safe.  Our customer supplies these systems and we produce the high specification cable assemblies that keep them working.

Nitronica has 60 years of experience in the production of Cable Assemblies and our service is second to none.  The Northern Ireland based operation combines significant investment in production efficiencies, with a highly skilled workforce to offer the best possible service to our customers.  We fully appreciate the need to meet exacting time scales and the flexibility of our production line means we can offer a solution to meet your needs.  Continuous investment in production equipment has allowed us to manufacture Cable Assemblies of all types and complexity, for a wide range of market sectors:

Fully Automated Cutting Lines
Hand and Machine Preparation
Complex Looms/Harnesses
Complex Assemblies
100% Inspection & Test
Fibre Optic

What ever your Cable Assembly needs we can meet them, to find out more please Contact Us now

Electro Mechanical

Sophisticated power management and warning systems are an essential part of all industrial machinery, ensuring consistency and safety in the working environment

From AC/DC power distribution assemblies, thermal management and advanced power systems to consumer products, we have wide ranging experience in electrical integration and assembly.  Our customers trust us to build robust component parts for their specific needs and we pride ourselves on delivering on these expectations.

Detailed process instructions, flow-line build techniques and flexible labour within dedicated assembly cells, all combine to ensure efficient mechanical configuration.  Integration is part of the “complete system” approach we provide and includes the integration of:

Backplanes (including press-fit)
Power systems
AC/DC distribution
RF cabling
Fibre optic cable assemblies
Common copper based cabling
Daughter cards
Heat management systems

The markets we serve includes many safety critical applications such as aerospace and the oil & gas industry, so you can be confident that our quality levels are amongst the highest achievable.  Please Contact Us for more information about how our expertise can assist you.

PCB Assembly

Circuit boards are everywhere and in today’s world you will come into contact with them constantly, from answering your phone to sending missions to Mars!

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) continues to be a core capability for Nitronica. Our expertise has been developed and refined over time by our long heritage in this area.  Nitronica’s agile production line allows us to supply a variety of customers; from a sizeable order run of standard boards to unique one-off orders for bespoke projects such as aerospace quality.

Our Northern Ireland based operation is ideally placed for the global market. Our facility has been developed through significant investment in both equipment and our team to achieve high quality standards and maximum flexibility. We offer a full build service to customers wishing to reduce costs in export markets. To discuss these capabilities or a potential project, please contact us.

To summarise, we offer the following services:

Flexible, high speed automatic surface mount placement, up to 20,000 components per hour
Automatic placement of components 01005 to 50x50mm, full BGA and micro BGA capability
Mixed technology, plated through hole (PTH) and mixed technology – automatic and hand assembly to IPC 610 Class 3
Backplanes, including press-fit technology
RoHs and non RoHS automatic assembly lines
In line automatic optical inspection (AOI)
In line Flying Probe test
Prototype, low, medium and high volumes
We serve many diverse markets including: Aerospace & Defence, Oil & Gas, Security, Renewable Energy, Instrumentation, Audio & Telecoms


We Add Value

Although Nitronica is a contract manufacturer it goes far beyond just supplying a product in a box. As the company seeks to build a true partnership it constantly finds new ways to add value to its customers.

Cost Reduction

We aim to reduce costs to make your production process as efficient as possible.

We have an experienced purchasing team dedicated to streamlining your production costs. Working closely with a strong network of suppliers coupled with our re-engineering capabilities, we do our utmost to save our customers money. Our approach to purchasing is transparent and we pass on savings where possible to ensure you can get your product to market in the most cost efficient manner.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team to identify areas of potential saving on your production process, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Design for Manufacture

In today’s manufacturing environment every second counts and we help our customers compete in a dynamic marketplace by achieving production efficiencies

Namely, production speed crucially reflected in the cost of manufacture. Most recently, our engineers took an  in-house manufactured product and re-engineered it, ultimately saving considerable manufacturing time, reducing costs and improving the product aesthetics.

First impressions count and many of us make purchasing decisions based on the aesthetics of the item we are buying. Regardless of whether your product is for the consumer market or an industrial setting, how it looks will influence buyers. We know how important design is for any product, in any market and we have partnered with award-winning product designers who can tailor the product aesthetics that best suits your target market.

This specialist resource, aligned with our in-house design engineering capabilities and your close involvement in the process, will ensure you have the best possible product in your market.

Take your competitors on head first and maximise sales, challenge us to re-design your product. Contact us and we can promise you will not be disappointed with the result.

Quality Engineering

The sectors we work in demand high quality standards and engineering excellence.

We are dedicated to ensuring the best quality of service for all our customers.

Our team of expert engineers work tirelessly to ensure excellence and our engagement in customer feedback processes means continual improvement is guaranteed.

As you would expect from a company with the pedigree of Nitronica, the need for assured Quality is recognised at all levels throughout the company.  We have invested in accreditation, currently holding ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 standards.  We have also recently become a member of ADS, the Premier Trade Organisation for all companies operating in the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries.

Supply Chain Management

The key to producing a cost effective solution in a timely manner is efficient management of your Supply Chain.

Our experienced Supply Chain team have established excellent relationships with carefully selected suppliers. We are continually building on these partnerships, developing strategic alliances which enable us to pass on benefits to our customers.

From obtaining reliable materials at the lowest cost to providing the shortest lead times possible; we have, and continue to, negotiate great value for our customers.

Key to this are:

Inventory management
Kan-ban systems
Critical component lead time management
Supplier partnerships & alliances
Global supply chain control / strategic partnerships
Global pricing agreements
Consignment stocks

Test & Test Development

Our Testing policy is comprehensive and technically advanced. We firmly believe in supplying the best possible product to our customers.

We have an extensive array of in-house testing facilities and employ a team of highly qualified and experienced test engineers who work with both our internal design engineers and customers, to develop appropriate test procedures and bespoke test systems. These tests are carried out with unfailingly, to ensure the products received by our customers are of the highest quality.

Recent investment means that Nitronica has a wide range of in-house test hardware available. Teradyne in circuit test, flying probe (fixtureless) and in line AOI systems are utilised along with customer specific PC based test fixtures and XJTAG boundary scan solutions.


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