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Medo Pumps are unique products that feature a patented linear-motor-driven free piston system. Utilised in varied applications, from life support systems to robotics. Nitto Kohki has developed a comprehensive series of precision air compressors and vacuum pumps that incorporate this uniquely functional design. Proven throughout the world for over two decades, we are proud to have been selected by many leading companies in advanced industries as their primary supplier of air compressor type equipment.

We produce low- and intermediate-pressure compressors, blowers, diaphragm and vacuum pumps to a unique linear-shuttle design that has only a single moving part, making them far more efficient and reliable than traditional pumps. In addition, we also manufacture brushless and brushed motor-driven diaphragm & cup-seal pumps.

Our LA series blowers are simple to maintain. Please download this video to see how easy it is to change the filter and pistons. Maintenance Video (11MB)

Quick connect couplings

Fluid couplings are indispensable in providing connections in systems that involve the flow of air, water, oil, or gas. Nitto Kohki couplings are distinguished by their high quality and durability. Their safe, easy one-hand connection and disconnection enables superior operability. Their built in automatic open and shut valve provides high flow, easy flow control and realizes a perfect seal. To meet diverse needs for couplings for applications in the home as well as in the medical, biotechnology, nuclear, semiconductor and computer fields, Nitto Kohki offers a full product line-up comprising of 3,000 series and some 25,000 individual models.

Nitto Kohki couplers provide quick and easy connection/disconnection of fluid lines such as water, oil, gas, and air. They completely eliminate the inconvenience of connecting/disconnecting conventional thread type couplings or flanges, fluid leakage, and hose kinking, while providing quick, convenient control and maintenance of fluid line connections.

Quick connect couplings

Power and Machine tools

Pneumatic Tools

Driven by compressed air, pneumatic tools are compact and lightweight. These tools possess high torque and easy control of speed and power. Nitto Kohki currently offers 35 major pneumatic tools. Please select your application to view relevant products.

Electric Tools

State-of-the-art tools pursuing ultimate functionality. Full line-up of "Task-force" models completely meeting on-site needs. We have developed lightweight, easy-to-use, powerful, efficient and high quality professional tools.

Hydraulic Tools

By exploiting the advantages of hydraulic power, Nitto Kohki has introduced a series of safe and compact hydraulic tools that can be used for a variety of processes for steel.

Power and Machine tools

Electric screwdrivers

Professional Tools for Assembling High-Technology Goods

NITTO KOHKI's "Delvo" Electric Screwdrivers are high-quality tools for professional use, with special emphasis on precise torque control and long life. They always apply just the correct amount of torque with accurate and positive control at your fingertips. They are smooth and shockless in operation, too. NITTO KOHKI's customer-oriented service system through our sales agents ensures that you can use Delvo Electric Screwdrivers with a high degree of reliability.


Electric screwdrivers
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