NMC (UK) Ltd


NMC UK Ltd Pipe & Sheet Insulation for Heating & Plumbing, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning and Solar applications.

Insulation Products include:
Insul Tube
Insul Sheet and Accessories
Climaflex and Accessories
Insul Tube XT Self Seal
Insul Tube Solar
System 2000

NMC Architectural Mouldings

Decoration Product Ranges include Arstyl, Nomastyl, Domastyl, Wallstyl & Floorstyl.

Light-weight high quality:
Strengthened polyurethane
Decorative Mouldings
Ceiling Centres

...and many other finishing touches

NMC Architectural Mouldings

NMC Packaging Profiles

Extruded polymer foam packaging profiles including Nomafoam and Nomapack

Lightweight foam packaging products to protect fragile and valuable items available in standard or custom sizes.

Custom profiles with outstanding technical properties for a variety of industrial applications.

NMC Packaging Profiles

NMC Room Insulation

NOMA®therm is an innovative cardboard-faced polystyrene wall insulation which combines effective thermal insulation with superior decorating performance.

The polystyrene insulating layer reduces heating costs by cutting heat loss, and the cardboard face - bonded to the insulating layer - makes subsequent decorating faster and easier and gives a better quality finish.

NOMA®therm is 3-5mm thick and is supplied in 0.5m wide rolls which are 10m long. They are fixed to the wall using NMC’s special adhesive fillers.

NOMA®therm is part of NMC’s versatile NOMA® room insulation range of insulated wall coverings, heat/cold sheet shields, soundproofing foam sheets and rolls, and non-slip and anti-vibration mats

NMC Room Insulation

NMC Nomawood Decking

NOMAWOOD is NMC’s new innovative product for the outdoor area.

NOMAWOOD is classically attractive, impresses due to its innovative surface and high quality design. Furthermore the product can be used in a multitude of ways - from terrace design, to a link between inside and outside areas where there is water, or other likely places within hotels, restaurants and spa facilities.

The synthetic wood made from resistant rigid foam meets all the expectations that today’s customers have of a modern material. NOMAWOOD is easy to assemble and lay and is extremely easy to clean. Dust and dirt are no problem due to its easy clean structure.

A further advantage is that the product is particularly thick and the surface structure is hard. Therefore grass, moss, fungus and bacteria have no chance of growing. Weathering and distortion are also not a problem. In addition the material is completely splinter proof and slip proof so lasting joy and peace are guaranteed for a long period of time. 

NMC Nomawood Decking
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