Noel Village (Steel Founder) Ltd.

Our high strength super austenitic Stainless Steel

Super austenitic stainless steels are widely used in the offshore petrochemical industry where their high corrosion resistance in severe environments is essential

Nickel based alloys have also been used, but are being chosen less as they display low strength characteristics and are susceptible to second phase embrittlement.

In view of the demand from the Petro-chemical sector the search has been on for several years for an austenitic based structural stainless steel offering good corrosion resistance together with increased toughness and strength.

Noel Village were awarded a UNS Number on 17 th April 2001. The designation has been given to our High Strength Super Austenitic Alloy.

Corrosion resistance AND increased Strength

Noel Village have successfully researched and developed a high Strength super austenitic stainless steel which displays similar mechanical properties to those of alloys steels and a corrosive resistance similar to nickel based alloy materials and titanium.

In conclusion, for application where weight is not a factor, Noel Village can now offer an alloy with the strength and corrosion resistance of titanium at the price of a high grade stainless.

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