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Non Ferrous Stockholders Ltd is a specialist UK Distributor & Processor of Precision High Performance Metals. We are part of the Clal Group, based in France, manufacturing semi finished High Performance Metals in Rolled & Drawn products.  We supply Nickel - Copper Nickel Alloys - Copper Manganese Nickel - Copper - Brass - Nickel Silver - Arcap - Cuprofor - Niclafor - Siclanic - EBW Strip - Constantan - Electrical Resistance Alloys - Aluminium -  Stainless Steel -  Engineering Plastics including  Nylons - Acetals - Peek & Engraving materials including Leaded Brass - Anodised Aluminium &  Flexible/Rigid Laminates.

We are a Global supplier with an extensive range of specialist & commercial products which we offer from our stocks & our mills manufacturing lead times. We can supply all forms, including:-                     


Our High Performance Materials can be customised to meet our customers exact requirements:-

Precision Electrical Resistance Alloys

  • Constantan - Is an electrical resistance alloy with moderate Resistivity and Low Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. It shows a flat resistance/temperature curve over a wider range than the CuNiMn alloys. Constantan also exhibits good corrosion resistance. It lends itself to electrical uses particularly in AC circuits.
    Typical Applications and Industries-
    Electrical connectors and Contacts, Automotive, Electrical, Electronics
  • Copper Manganese Nickel - CuMnNi are precision resistance alloys, with moderate resistivity, low temperature coefficient of resistance & low thermal electromotive force in comparison to Copper.
    With high stability of electrical resistance, good working properties & very good weldability, CuMnNi alloys are specially dedicated to Precision resistors & Electrical shunts, which control and measure the current flowing through devices such as Electricity meters or DC ammeters.
  • Copper Nickel - Copper Nickel covers a wide variety of alloys that are single phase throughout the full range of compositions. There are many standard alloys within this range and most of them will have small amounts of other elements added to give the specific properties required.

Electron Beam Welded

EBW strip as it is commonly known is a very accurate high tech method of joining together strips of dissimilar material in varying widths and thicknesses, to act as one homogenous finished strip.

One of the advantages of doing this is to utilise the benefits of particular properties that different alloys can offer, combined together in one strip and also avoiding the high amount of scrap that very often profiling yields.

Electric meters, Pre payment meters, Connectors, Utilities markets

Corrosion Resistant Alloys

  • Aluminium - Easily formed & machined, it is a superb conductor of electricity & it can be used in many decorative applications by making use of its high reflectivity.
  • ARCAP - ARCAP Anticorrosion
  • Copper Nickel
  • Nickel
  • Stainless Steel

Non Magnetic Alloys

Stainless Steel Alloys

Stainless Steel- Precision Temper Rolled

Common steels if not protected from the elements will rust, hence the use of Stainless Steel. Although it may still rust, by combing the main elements, of Iron-Nickel-Chromium in varying amounts, then High Corrosive Resistance alloys are achieved together with many other desirable properties.

Nickel Alloys

Nickel Chromium based alloys have excellent corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties.

They can be used in a wide range of applications over a broad spectrum of industries.

The Nickel Super alloys are a group of materials that are very versatile and extremely reliable thus making them an engineer’s choice for pumps & valves operating in high working temperatures, harsh, and aqueous environments.

Leaded Nickel Silver
Nickel Silver with the addition of Lead. Good corrosion resistance, excellent free machining with High Mechanical properties.

Parts subject to High stress, Key blanks, Lock parts, Automotive, Fasteners 

High Conductivity Alloys

Beryllium Copper Alternatives

  • Declafor - a Copper, Nickel, Tin, free machining alloy with age hardening capabilities and high mechanical properties. Beryllium & Lead free alloy
    Coaxial connectors, Spectacle parts, Turned parts
  • Niclafor -  a Copper/Nickel/Tin alloy suitable for Age Hardening. It can be considered as a possible alternative in some instances to the Beryllium Copper range of alloys, showing price advantages. It also offers an environmentally friendly high performance alloy option, without the addition of Beryllium, Cadmium or Titanium.
    Good corrosion resistance, Good formability, High mechanical properties, and Low permeability, Stable at elevated temperatures.
    Electrotechnic, Turned parts & Spectacle frames, Automotive, Domestic appliance, Electronic
  • Siclanic - Copper/Nickel/Silicon alloy that can be precipitation hardened after forming. Developed for applications where complex deformation of components is performed prior to heat treatment. The alloy possess excellent resistance to stress relaxation and maintains good stable mechanical characteristics at temperatures of up to 400°C
Beryllium Copper Alternatives

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