Nor-Rak Systems Ltd


Nor-Rak Systems Ltd offer a wide range of racking and shelving that is suitable for use in a variety of different industries. Our racking and shelving use our own support clips to support heavy loads and enable quick and easy repositioning if required.

Mezzanine Floors

If you need to expand your storage space, look no further. Our mezzanine floors are designed to double your storage, manufacture or sales space. The mezzanine floors are safe, strong and can be set up to meet your individual requirements.  

Industrial and Commercial Steel Partitioning Systems

Our industrial and commercial steel partitioning systems provide high quality solutions for offices and factories. The industrial and commercial steel partitioning systems are attractive, durable and offer noise-reduction solutions.

Clean Rooms

We provide clean rooms that have minimum joints and ledges to meet ISO 14644-1 class 5 standards. Our clean rooms are suitable for offices and warehouses. We offer single and multi-tiered installations depending on your requirements.

Office Interiors

We supply a wide range of office interiors that includes equipment such as mobile shelving, specialist equipment, cupboards and cabinets. Our office interiors offer a fantastic choice of wall coverings, doors, vision panels and blinds to suit your individual requirements.

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