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We deliver precision technology solutions. They range from simple manual systems to in-depth, programmable, automatic recovery systems. Our powder coating application technology improves efficiency, flexibility and productivity for manufacturers worldwide.   Our products include:
  • Manual powder coating gun systems
  • Automatic powder coating guns
  • System controls
  • Fast colour change powder booth systems


Industrial Coating Systems

We are a leading producer and supplier of high-quality, impeccably manufactured industrial coating systems and equipment that precisely applies and cures powder coatings, liquid coatings, sealants and adhesives, in a broad range of industrial applications. During the manufacturing process, Nordson powder coating, liquid coating, automotive assembly and container coating systems reduce material costs, enhance product quality and improve productivity.

Nordson offer the following industrial coating systems and products:

  • Automotive assembly products: Nordson is the recognized leader in engineered application systems for structural adhesives and sealants in automotive manufacturing
  • Container coating and curing systems: Nordson is the recognized leader in developing advanced coating, dispensing and curing systems used in the production of beverage and food containers
  • Liquid coating products: Nordson is a market leader in providing precision dispensing equipment for liquid finishing worldwide
Industrial Coating Systems

Dispensing Equipment

We are experienced and expert producers and suppliers of dispensing equipment, suitable to a variety of applications. This supply of dispensing equipment products is used for applying controlled amounts of adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other assembly fluids used in almost every manufacturing process. 

Dispensing equipment we supply includes:

  • Dispense tips
  • Fluid dispensers
  • Fluid reservoirs
  • Industrial dispensing robots
  • Lubrications systems
  • Optimum components
  • Solder paste
  • Specialty products
  • TAH products
  • Valve systems
Dispensing Equipment

Surface Preparation

We have a wide selection of surface preparation and UV curing equipment we offer for multiple solutions and industries. The products will provide the accuracy and efficiency needed for industrial applications.   Surface preparation and UV curing equipment features include:
  • Gas plasma cleaning, etching and surface activation systems: Nordson MARCH designs and manufactures a complete line of gas plasma treatment systems for the semiconductor, medical and PCB industries
  • UV curing equipment and systems: Whether the product is wood, plastic, glass or other heat-sensitive substrate, Nordson UV curing systems deliver greater application flexibility with a range of precisely focused and flood reflector geometries
Surface Preparation

Dispensing Systems

We supply a wide range of dispensing systems and equipment ranging from manual components to in-depth, programmable systems.   Major categories of our fluid and material dispensing systems and products include:
  • Finishing, coating and painting products and systems
  • Adhesive dispensing products
  • Automated, high-speed dispensing & coating systems
  • Biomaterial dispensing and application
Dispensing Systems

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