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We are a leading supplier of bottled water coolers and mains fed water coolers throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

We aim to always provide friendly and professional service and are dedicated to producing great tasting water we bottle from our own source in the heart of East Anglia. 

Bottled Water Coolers

Our bottled water coolers all conform to the high standards of electrical safety and are produced using food-grade materials.

Our bottled water coolers can be supplied as floor-standing and counter-top models and delivered either chilled, hot or at ambient temperature. 

The majority of our customers favour the cool white finish, but we also offer a range of coloured and stainless steel finishes. They can be used in a wealth of settings and are suited for front-of-house use and reception areas or showrooms.

Our coolers are supplied on a comprehensive rental basis, which covers all maintenance, repairs and quarterly sanitisation.

Plumbed-in Coolers

You will never run out of pure, chilled water with our plumbed-in coolers. They are plumbed in to your water mains supply and equipped with advanced ceramic and activated carbon filters. 

The filters remove any impurities, chlorine and other elements in the water supply that can taint the taste of tap water.

We provide plumbed-in coolers for rental contract including all repairs and maintenance, including sanitisation and replacement of the filter every four months.





Contract Filling

Our contract filling service supplies coolers and accessories to smaller operators, along with our guidance and advice.

Our contract filling agreements means we can supply filled bottles either under our own brand, Harling Premium English Water, or on an own-label basis.

You are assured with us you are getting water of the highest quality. It is tested daily for microbiological purity and has production standards regulated and audited by the BWCA.

Cups and Drinks

We provide a comprehensive range of disposable cups and drinks holders including standard recyclable plastic cups and paper cone cups. Paper cone cups can not be put down and therefore can not be spilt onto carpets or computer keyboards.

For hot drinks, our range of cups and drinks utensils include our pre-packed, in-cup drinks. We offer tea, black and white coffee, cappuccino and hot chocolate -- all in plastic cups individually sealed for perfect hygiene. They are deeply ribbed for rigidity and comfort.

Water Quality

The Norfolk Brecklands are known for sandy soil, deposited by retreating glaciers some 400,000 years ago. It means The Norfolk Water Company has a great asset. It has millions of litres of fresh, sweet and naturally filtered water hiding in this cretaceous chalk layer.

This creates a superior water quality and we match it by providing superb water quality in hygienic bottle. We are a member of BWCA and all areas of our process are regular and rigidly checked by third part auditors


We are not just about providing high quality bottled water. It is our wealth of other services and the quality of them attracts new customers and keeps existing ones loyal.

Our services include water replenishment and water supplied on a scheduled, reliable basis to match your consumption and requirement. We can deliver to most areas weekly and we always call a couple of days in advance to check your needs.

A scheduled programme of cooler hygiene is included in your rental contract and we offer regular sanitisation of machines and will replace water contact parts with sterilised components.

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