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Blind rivet nuts provide a quick and reliable method of installing load bearing threads in sheet or tube. The huge variety of sizes and grip ranges available make this an incredibly versatile fastening solution. Blind rivet nuts are available in four material types:

  • Steel Zinc Plated
  • A2 Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium Alloy
  • A4 Stainless Steel (for extra high corrosion resistance)

There are also three head styles, reduced head (thinsheet), flange head or countersunk. Round body rivet nuts continue to be most popular but where the material is CNC punched we recommend use of the hexagon body rivet nuts as this completely eliminates any possibility of the rivet nuts turning on the holes at any stage.

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Rivet Nut Tools

We stock a variety of rivet nut tools for both production line and general purpose industrial applications. There are hand tools for low volume and site use and pneumatic models for medium and high volume users. All tools are fully supported with spares and service you have come to expect from Normandy Fasteners.

Our range of rivet nut tools include:

  • Model HP1 - M3-M6 capacity
  • Model HN-2 -M3-M6 capacity with a plug and pull quick mandrel change
  • Model HN-901 - M5-M12 capacity with excellent leverage due to a clever design
  • Pneumatic Hanma Spin-spin Models
  • Pneumatic Airpower 4 Production Tool
Rivet Nut Tools

Clinch Fasteners

We stock an extensive range of clinch fasteners. From clinch studs to clinch panel fasteners, we offer very competitive prices. Special items can be made to order on 3 - 4 week lead time and we also offer UNF and UNC threads. Our stock list includes:

  • clinch studs
  • close-to-edge clinch studs
  • heavy duty clinch studs
  • clinch pins
  • clinch pilot pins
  • clinch nuts
  • clinch flush nuts
  • clinch blinds nuts
  • clinch floating nuts
Clinch Fasteners

Rivet Bushes

Round, hexagon and mini rivet bushes provide an economical method of attaching a strong threaded nut to thin sheet metal material. Available from stock in steel self-finish, steel zinc plated, stainless steel with aluminium and brass available to order.

Rivet Bushes


Our riveters are specifically designed to save effort but provide maximum reliability. There are hand riveters for low volume users and air powered pneumatic riveters for volume users.

  • Model HR-908 - 2.4 - 4.8mm diameter rivet capacity
  • Model HR-702 - 3.2 - 6.4mm diameter rivet capacity
  • Model HR-8000 -  3.2 - 6.4mm diameter rivet capacity
  • Model AP1 - Airpower Pneumatic Production Riveters

Blind Rivets

We supply blind rivets and blind rivet nuts in a variety of sizes and substrates from our extensive stock. Our most common blind rivets are manufactured in aluminium, steel zinc, and stainless steel. We also provide multigrip aluminium blind rivets.

Products include:

  • dome and countersunk heads
  • open type, DIN standard
  • wider grip ranges  
Blind Rivets

Stud Welding

Capacitor discharge (CD) stud welding fasteners have a small pip under the weld end which melts during the arc and welds the fastener to the material, the complete process being completed from one side of the panel. CD fasteners are available in a variety of material - steel copper coated, stainless steel, aluminium alloy and brass. The fasteners come in a variety of low cost types:

Stud Welding

Spring steel fasteners

Cage nuts and U-nuts both have the advantage of fast installation after the product is finished. They also provide a degree of float to help in screw alignment. We keep extensive stocks of cage nuts and U nuts and for product data sheets click on the links below:

Spring steel fasteners

Normandy Fasteners

Normandy Fasteners has been supplying the sheet metal industry since 1998. We provide outstanding distributor support for all of our products and produce quality products that offer great value for money.

At Normandy Fasteners, we are committed to making sure you always have the correct products for your application, at the time you need them. Contact us for best value standard parts and the non standard products that you can't find elsewhere!

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