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We are a leading UK designer, developer and manufacturer of prototype, pre-production and low to medium volume electronic assemblies including PCB assembly and surface mount technology.

Our highly experienced design and manufacturing teams produce quality products with 100 percent inspection at every stage. Using the very latest acquired state-of-the-art technology, we specialise in fast turnaround on surface mount technology and PCB assemblies.

We can handle the entire manufacturing process of electronic assemblies, from design and development through to the fully finished and packaged final product.

PCB Assembly

Our production facility allows for the manufacture of an extensive range of PCB assembly, electro-mechanical and hand assembly. Within our PCB assembly capabilities, we produce prototypes, pre-production batches or volume production assemblies.

For BGA, MicroBGA and QFP devices, we offer surface mount assembly with 100 percent inspection using the very latest in Surface Mount Technology.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

We design and manufacture an excellent range of surface mount technology (SMT) equipment. Our cutting edge SMT equipment incorporates laser cantering and advanced vision recognition.

We can place all the current available packages from 0402 up to 50mm2devices including the high performance Ball Grid Array devices (BGAs) and MBGAs.

Mechanical Assembly

Our highly-skilled and experienced mechanical assembly team use cable preparation equipment, terminal crimp tools and mechanical assembly aids to perform a number of cable and unit assemblies, including small to medium volumes. 

We provide the complete final and 'box build’ solution as part of our mechanical assembly services.

Design and Development

Our design and development team provide complete product engineering from the start of the process to the finish.

The design and development process ensures that we meet your individual needs using the latest technology available. We offer cost-effective solutions that are both coherent and innovative.

Quality Assurance

We provide quality assurance on all of the products we manufacture. We can guarantee 100 percent inspection at every stage of manufacture using the latest inspection equipment. We aim to provide quality assurance at every part of the process.

The Nortec philosophy is simple: ‘Quality electronic products that do not come back, for customers that do.’

Test and Repair

We provide test and repair services for all long-running projects. These can seriously reduce your costs and we only utilise the latest technology and tailor-built test jigs. We provide high quality and products with zero defects.

We also have the ability to test and repair and refurbish existing products and send them back out as new.

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