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Nortech’s networked access control systems solutions are based around Norpass3, our intuitive PC-based access control management software offering a wealth of advanced features as standard. The software communicates with card readers and door controllers, allowing the site administrator/s to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people and vehicles in and out and around a building or site. This gives you a complete access control systems solution for your company or business.

Standalone Access Control

We offer a range of standalone access control solutions where the control unit and reader manage access without the need to communicate with a PC. 

Our standalone access control options include the one-piece Nanoquest compact door controller with built-in card reader, plus door controllers that are capable of managing up to 20,000 users.

Card Readers

Nortech manufactures and supplies a complete range of card readers, supporting all technologies from barcodes to biometrics, and offers many proximity and smart card solutions.

These capabilities have led to Nortech becoming an industry leader in access control card readers.

Proximity Readers

We manufacture a range of proximity readers to provide you with the flexibility to choose a design with capabilities to match your requirements.

Whether you’re looking to use our standard125KHz proximity reader's technology or have an existing system that uses EM4100, EM4102, Temic, Hitag1 or Hitag2, we can cater for virtually any scenario. Our DualProx reader can even read two card technologies at once.

Smart Card Readers

Our smart card readers include some of the highest security technologies available, including LEGIC, Mifare and iClass. Smart card readers can be used in various applications such as vending (electronic purse), travel passes and contactless credit cards.

Thanks to Nortech’s smart card readers, the same cards can also be used for access control. The advanced method of authentication used by smart cards provides a much higher level of security than proximity cards.   

Parking and Vehicle Management

For over 25 years, Nortech has been providing parking and vehicle management solutions to a whole host of industries. Our range of impressive parking and vehicle management products can be used in virtually any parking application that requires methods of preventing unauthorised parking, raising revenue, reducing congestion, providing guidance to customers or simply monitoring usage.

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