NORTEST offer a wide range of test instruments for testing the physical properties of:-
• plastics
• rubbers
• ceramics
• composites
UK representatives for some of the worlds’ leading test equipment manufacturers:-.

Elastocon AB, Sweden, Polymer testing instruments.
Probably the world leaders in precision ageing to ISO 188 and IEC 811 standards. Plus stress relaxation systems in accordance with ISO 3884, ISO 6914 and ASTM D 6147.
Hot Set testing for cables in accordance with IEC 811-2-1 plus Fogging Testers to ISO and Low Temperature testers in accordance with ISO 2921, ASTM D 1329 (TR Test), ISO 1432, ASTM D 1053 (Gehman Test) and ISO812, ISO/974, ASTM D746, ASTM D2137 (Brittleness test.) Sample preparation tools.

* Hildebrand - Polymer Hardness Testers. Micro and macro IRHD testers to ISO 48, ASTM 1415, DIN 5305 and BS903 A26 plus Shore instruments to ISO 7619 and ASTM D 2240. Wide range of stands and accessories including a direct reading SG balance for polymers and standard test blocks to IRHD, Shore A and Shore D.

* LAMBIENT - Dielectric cure monitoring systems for composites.
Dielectric cure monitoring of thermoset materials such as SMX, BMC, epoxies, polyesters and other polymeric materials is now a well established, non-destructive technique for determining the cure characteristics of these materials. Lambient Technologies founded in 2007 near Boston, Massachusets have over 25 years experience in the development of this technology which was originally developed at M.I.T. The sensors are designed to be compatible with existing systems and the two model range of cure monitors will work with both Lambient or the users own sensors. Together with “CureView” data acquisition software they form a complete measurement system for studying dielectric material properties in all processing environments.



DEA Cure Monitoring Composites

The technology for Dielectric Cure Analysis was developed at MIT in the 1980s, and one of the principals of Lambient Technologies was a co-founder of Micromet Instruments, which initially developed the technology.

Lambient Technologies have improved that technology and so have over 35 years experience of making fundamental developments in the field of dielectric cure monitoring.

Using either disposable or re-usable interdigitated sensors, which can be fitted in the product mould, the system monitors both temperature and dielectric functions in order to provide a full real-time picture of the curing characteristics of thermoset materials. This can be extended into post–curing operations if necessary to provide a comprehensive report on the behaviour of thermoset materials during manufacture. The LT 631 is capable of additional interfacing with Kistler modules to provide additional temperature and pressure monitoring.

Changes in formulations, procedures and production parameters can be monitored and optimised to increase productivity and provide consistent quality control.

Easy to use both in the laboratory and production environment Lambient DEA is useful for materials cured in seconds or hours. Cureview software (included) can be integrated with manufacturing systems to trigger external functions such as press closing and opening.

DEA Cure Monitoring Composites

Continuous stress relaxation testing

Relaxation equipment for continuous measurement in both compression and tension. Meets the requirements in ISO 3384 and ISO 6914. The relaxation rigs are used in combination with the cell oven EB 01 or EB 07 when testing at elevated temperatures.

Continuous stress relaxation testing

Rubber Hardness Testers

A range of bench and portable hardness testers for rubbers and other polymeric materials. All Shore scales are available in addition to instruments for  both Macro and microhardness IRHD. These are complemented by a number of other instrumeents such as thickness gauges and a direct reading specific gravity balance for polymers.

Rubber Hardness Testers

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