Northampton Time Recorders Ltd

Whether your company has got small number of employees or large, time clock is very important. If you are in the search of the best quality timeclocks, the best place to get it is the Northampton Time Recorders Limited (NTR).

This family run company is running since more than30 years. It is one of the leading companies in the U.K. that sells the best clocking systems and associated products. They do not only supply, but also provide other services.

Clocking Systems

We sell a number of different clocking systems that can hold data for thousands of employees; these vary in a number of ways including memory, price, and simplicity.

Clocking in Systems

The different clocking in systems have different features:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Time stamp printers
  • Hand scanner
  • Pin log in/out

We can cater for all different businesses no matter the size.

Time and Attendance Systems

We specialise in systems in recording employee and visitor time and attendance within a company. These systems can be as simple as scanning a key/card or as complex as facial recognition or fingerprint scanning.

Time Recording Systems

These systems we provide are simply for recording the times visitors and employees enter the building and can also show when someone has been late. Our time recording systems features include:

  • Highlighting lateness
  • Automatic hour change for Summer and Winter
  • Bell ringing feature
  • Time stamp printing

Time Recorders

The time recorders we sell and provide for all forms of time recording are extremely simple to use and do not have the same complicated and modern features but are still very cost effective. If you are looking for the simpler and easy-to-use systems these are for you.

Northampton Time Recorders Ltd Overview