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Located strategically in Aberdeenshire to service the oil and gas industry, we are also ideally located to provide mechanical engineering support for the rest of Scotland.

The Aberdeenshire facility consists of 1600 sq metres of workshop space as well as 800 sq metres of office support functions. Our very highly skilled workforce provide tailored engineering solutions to our clients and add value to their products and services.

CNC Machining Services in Aberdeen

By working closely with manufacturing, nuclear, and the oil industry,  we developed a large range of CNC machining services including repair, rework, and redesign solutions. These have helped the respective organisations to reduce overall costs, improve performance and increase product utilisation.

Core CNC machining skills can be summarised as follows:

  • Engineering facility with a highly skilled workforce embracing a range of engineering disciplines
  • Total project management solution from conceptual design to product manufacture
  • Service and salvage repair of mechanical systems
  • Machining, welding and NDT inspection facilities
CNC Machining Services in Aberdeen

Specialist Engineering Skills

We have a number of specialist engineering skills. Across Scotland and the UK, we provide engineering services including:

  • Full CNC Machining Facility Utilising The Latest 2D And 3D CADCAM Technology
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • EDM
  • Welding/Hard coating
  • Improving performance of downhole drilling products
  • Product redesign
  • Product modification to improve ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Product upgrade to improve performance, reliability and quality of service
Specialist Engineering Skills

Work in the Aviation and Military Sectors

NTS has resources and skills which can be applied across a divers range of industry sectors. Select a sector from the list below to find out how we can help. As specialists in aviation component manufacture, we are well placed to manufacture fuel system components and can manage HVOF coatings where required.

We can also manage the design and fabrication of small jigs and fixtures. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Military sector clients can expect the highest quality machining and the broadest skills set available. Our machining capability and ability to both mass produce and procure one off items gives us a real advantage

Work in the Aviation and Military Sectors

Mining, Quarrying and Nuclear Industry Service

The mining and quarrying industries demand the the most wear and shear resistant components and materials. NTS employ various hard face and coating applications which have multiple applications in this sector. If you need a technological solution to your engineering problems. get in touch to see how our advanced skills set and broad experience can assist

The nuclear industry is one of the most safety critical and demanding industries in the world. One in which NTS has a solid grounding and track record. We've developed a multitude of tools and applications which assist in nuclear power station decommissioning.

Mining, Quarrying and Nuclear Industry Service

Engineering Skill in Oil and Gas Industry

NTS Ltd is located at the heart of the oil and gas support centre of the North Sea. We understand and frequently respond to the complex and fast changing demands of this industry.

To facilitate this we have incorporated a number of elements in our portfolio to address the ever changing needs of our oil and gas clients:

  • “One stop” solution to improve overall project time.
  • Combined API and ISO certification.
  • 24-hour cover when needed.
  • Tailored solutions depending on the clients needs.
  • Full machining, welding and NDT functions available in the Aberdeen area.
Engineering Skill in Oil and Gas Industry

Service for Renewables and Subsea Exploration Sectors

The renewables sector enjoy the highest quality machining and the broadest skills set available at NTS. Our machining capability and ability to both mass produce and produce one off items gives us and you a real advantage.

NTS enjoy a range of subsea exploration experience have experience including :

  • Manufacture and repair of BOP valve components.
  • Manufacture of Subsea Pipeline bundle components.
  • New manufacture and development of ROV component parts.
Service for Renewables and Subsea Exploration Sectors

Northeast Technology Solutions

Northeast Technology Solutions Limited (NTS) provides world class engineering support and technical solutions related to mechanical systems.

Originally established as an engineering support function for a manufacturing company we quickly developed our skills and competence to tackle complex technical issues in diverse industries.

We now provide technical solutions mainly to the hydrocarbon & nuclear industries but welcome enquiries from other sectors. Over the last few years NTS has continued to develop it’s competence in the rework and repair of complex mechanical systems.

Northeast Technology Solutions

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