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We are independent suppliers of all major battery manufacturers and our battery supply service make assessments on your requirements and recommend suitable products and systems.

We provide a total solution and coordinate battery supply as well as supply of connectors, chargers, UPS, and stands all on your behalf. Our superior range includes all battery technologies and if you need advice on what product is best suited to your requirement then contact us today for technical, impartial advice without obligation.

Battery Installation

We provide an outstanding battery installation service in order to safely install batteries at your premises, including seismic installations. This service also includes commissioning discharge testing and certification. Our battery installation service is supplied with a comprehensive work package and we issue a Method Statement and Risk Analysis as part of the work instruction.

All our installations are conducted to customer satisfaction and only completed once the client's signature is given on our job form and instruction sheet.

Battery Maintenance

Battery maintenance includes a full system inspection report with comments and actions required to ensure battery autonomy for every battery attended. Dependent on the age, design and condition of the batteries we recommend battery maintenance is carried out three or four times a year and through us these can be scheduled to fit in with site maintenance routines.

In addition to inspection and reporting other tasks and services we provide include:

  • Removal of corrosive deposits
  • Greasing of terminals as required
  • Topping up of electrolyte levels where necessary
  • Removal of accessible internal short circuits on flooded design cells
  • Cleaning of cell lids, containers and stand members / cabinet shelves

Pre-Delivery Discharge Testing

Pre-delivery discharge testing comprises of having a complete batch of new cells commission charged as one complete battery, then discharged as per your requirements and recharged before the battery is delivered and installed.

Pre-delivery discharge testing enables us to provide end users with the confidence they are gaining a reliable and correctly manufactured product designed to suit their particular needs. This all helps to alleviate problems and reduce difficulties at the time of installation.

Battery Diagnosis Reports

We offer battery diagnosis reports at our workshop or on customer premises. When requested, these reports can be witnessed by the client. Examinations are fully documented in battery diagnosis reports, along with photographs and any other technical data.

Using our wealth of experience and expertise, we can examine and diagnose items such as:

  • Construction
  • Plate formation
  • Plate to group bar welds
  • Lid to box seals
  • Pasting quality
  • Pillar construction and integrity
  • Box and lid material and welds
  • Separator design
  • Pillar construction and sealing methods
  • Operational effects

NIBS Battery Conference 2012

NIBS battery conference 2012 is the only battery dedicated conference in the UK and takes place on 7 and 8 November at the Lion Quays near Oswestry, Shropshire.

We are looking for volunteers to present papers at NIBS battery conference 2012. Please contact us if you wish to speak.

The conference is of particular interest to industry professionals from across the UK power and nuclear industries, as well as professionals from data centres, petrochemical and many other utility companies.

UPS Supply and Maintenance

Our UPS supply and maintenance service helps our customers to find and maintain the correct type of UPS for their application. We provide a diversity of manufacturers and technologies from 1kVA to 500kVA.

Our UPS supply and maintenance looks after all aspects of care for UPS and its batteries. Our call-out facility is offered within the contract in order to provide optimum cover for all your equipment.

Battery Training Courses

Our battery training courses are intended for professionals working and dealing with, or in the vicinity of, cells and batteries and use batteries in a range of applications from automotive to standby power installations.

As required, battery training can be conducted at NiBS or customers premises and normally groups of 6-12 people can be accommodated. The course length, duration and style depends on the course taken but they can be tailored to suit particular needs.

Some of our battery training courses are aimed at the novice where as others require some pre-knowledge. This can normally be achieved through attendance at the base level courses.

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