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Northern / Premier Profiles is a division of Malthouse Engineering Co. Ltd which was established in 1947 and is industry renown for providing the best possible flame cutting steel service in the UK. Incorporating various complimentary services including Flame Cutting, Lumsden Grinding, Edge Machining, Fabrications, Drilling, Hydraulic Forming, Levelling and Flattening, Normalising and Stress Relieving.

A wide range of material specifications and a vast thickness range support our flame cutting expertise. This enables us to provide our UK & Ireland customer base with unparalleled service.


Northern / Premier Profiles stock an extensive range of carbon steel plate and slab. Special sizes in length, width and thickness can be arranged to suite customers requirements, with full traceability to test certificates.

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Flame Cutting

Northern / Premier Profiles flame cutting service offers industry extremely accurate blanks using the latest CAD-CAM technology, supplied either in quanities or as one-offs for specialised applications. A large stock of fully certified plate, we are able to provide a fast turnaround to customers nationwide.


  • 19 multi - head CNC machines; 4-8 burners.

  • Maximum bed size 12700mm  x 4000mm

  • Thickness stocked up to 500mm
    Accuracy +/- 1mm to 3mm depending on thickness

A range of complimentary services including Stress Relieving & Normalising, Surface Grinding, Edge Machining, Fabrications, Hydraulic forming and Drilling are available.

Flame Cutting

Lumsden Grinding

Northern / Premier Profiles grinding facilities provide a fast and efficient service to industry.  

In addition to the grinding of profiled blanks we also grind customers free issue material.
Grinding Capacities
  • Twelve Lumsden Grinding (Rotary) machines up to and including 120" (3048mm) Table 126" (3200mm) with overhang. Also 100" (2540mm) - 72" (1823mm) - 3x 60" (1524mm) - 2x 36" (915mm) Tables
  • Three Lumsden Grinding (Reciprocating) machines up to and including 192" (4877mm) x 26.25" (667mm) with overhang
We also provide a levelling / Flattening service with our 300 tonne Press   Accuracy
  • Unspecified dimensions ground to +/- 0.25mm (10 thou)
  • Specified dimensions ground +/- 0.12mm 5 thou)
  • Flat / parallel to within 0.04mm to 0.05mm per running 300mm (1.5 to 2 thou per running foot)
In particular circumstances, closer tolerances can be achieved.
Lumsden Grinding


Northern / Premier Profiles offer the following machining services:

Our machinery:-


  • 2 radial drill with throat depth of 1600mm
    Maximum drill diameter 75mm
  • 3 x Multi Spindle drilling machines, each with 12 spindles.


  • Edge machining can be carried out on all six faces of rectangular blanks and other more specific machining operations carried out on blanks and fabrications.
  • 2 reciprocating edge milling machines with a maximum table size: 4500mm long with overhang on 1800mm width, maximum height (table to spindle centre) 850mm
  • 1 Elgamill Machine with universal head
  • Accuracy - unspecified dimensions to +/- 0.25mm (10 thou). Specified dimensions to +/- 0.12mm (5 thou)
  • Sawing - horizontal bandsaw 300 dia or 450 x 150 section


  • All ferrous metals are suitable for drilling and machining including cast iron and stainless steel.


Northern / Premier Profiles produce high quality carbon & stainless steel fabrications from just a few kilos to 5 tonnes, as one offs and in multiples.


Our skilled team of platers and welders have a wide experience in producing high quality fabrications

  • Fabrications are produced in plate and section using carbon and stainless steels.
  • Our equipment and skills allow flat plate and circular projects to be supplied.  
  • Welder qualifications in MMA-MIG-TIG Welding
  • Zurich Inspection to: - EN 9606-4 1999 / ASME IX, BS EN287-1 1992 A1 1997

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