Northern Tool and Gear Co Ltd


Here at NTG, we have been providing gear manufacturing services to a variety of industry sectors. Since 1945, we have been leading the field of high quality gear manufacture and have the capability to produce a wide spectrum of transmission and specialised gear components for use in commercial vehicle, defence, printing, mining, nuclear, food, oil, marine and air compression industries.

Gear Cutting

We use the latest CNC gear hobbing facility to manufacture spur, helical, crowned and tapered gears up to 1200mm in diameter, 500mm in face width, and 20Mod. We offer internal gear cutting up to 800mm in diameter with a 180 face width and 7Mod. We provide spline hobbing up to 250mm diameter and 1000mm long (longer in certain cases) and worm milling up to 150mm diameter and 750mm long.

Bevel Gear Cutting

We specialise in bevel gear cutting to meet your individual specifications. We offer spiral bevel gear cutting up to 760mm diameter, 15Mod and straight bevel cutting up to 250mm diameter, 7Mod.

Gear Finishing

Working to ISO 9001:2008, we provide gear finishing services to your requirements. We offer gear grinding up to 1200mm diameter, 22Mod, 1000mm face width and quality DIN 1 with full CNC gear checking.

Other options include:

  • Splining Grinding: Up to 600mm long
  • Worm/Thread Grinding: Up to 150mm diameter,1000mm long
  • Gear Shaving: Up to 300mm diameter
  • Spiral Bevel Lapping: Up to 500mm diameter

Gear Inspection

We have full CNC gear inspection capabilities and work to ISO 9001:2008. We provide gear inspection on a wide range of gears used in a wide variety of industry sectors including commercial vehicle, defence, printing, mining, nuclear, food, oil, marine and air compression.


We specialise in grinding using the latest CNC machinery and facilities. We offer grinding options including:

  • External: CNC: Up to 350mm diameter, 1500mm long.
  • Internal: Up to 600mm diameter bore, 150mm long.
  • Honing: Up to 100mm diameter bore, 100mm long.
  • Worm / Thread grinding: Up to 150mm diameter, 750mm long

CNC Turning

With a workforce of 60 people, we have an excellent reputation in the manufacture of gearing components. We are experts in CNC turning to meet individual specifications in all industry sectors. Our CNC turning enables us to provide:

  • Chucking 650mm diameter
  • VTL 1200mm diameter, 500mm long
  • Universal 700mm diameter, 1500mm long


We have the facilities to provide accurate milling services to ISO 9001:2008. Our milling facilities include a CNC 550mm, 1200mm machining centre, where we carry out conventional slotting, drilling and broaching.

Heat Treatment

At NTG, we use heat treatment on an assortment of components. Our advanced heat treatment facilities offer:

  • Ipsen sealed quench gas carburising
  • Hardening
  • Tempering
  • Annealing
  • Normalising
  • Straightening
  • Quench pressing
  • Shot blasting
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