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At Nothumbria Engineering, we will design and produce a range of item from fixtures, jigs and full turnkey machines.

We have design software and the expertise to create 3D and 2D conceptual designs of your product. We also provide sub contract drawings of our client's products.

At Northumbria, we have years of experience within a varied selection of fields as shown on this page and on our website. We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction which is why we have remained a tightly run and friendly company, capable of taking on work for big blue chip companies, as well as one off smaller jobs. Throughout our work one thing never changes, our commitment and dedication to our customers.

Get in touch today by visitng our website or giving us a call and speaking to one of our staff.

CNC Milling

We have a comprehensive selection of milling equipment and exceptional expertise to create products to your specific requirements.

Our milling machines are suitable for an extensive range of materials. Northumbria Engineering are a firm dedicated to your needs and make our number one priority meeting your requirements to the highest specifications, and meeting your budget in a timely fashion.

CNC Turning

Our in-house turning team can manufacture anything. If you are looking for complex turning for a one off batch or large production run we can help.

We can produce products in a variety of materials such as stainless steel or plastic.


Our engraving expertises were initially used to engrave part numbers into parts. However, our engraving department can also do various signs and incremental scales.

Sub Contract Machining

Our sub-contracting services include a range of applications that include design, milling, turning and engraving.

Our sub-contracting work can also provide customers with light fabrication and other services. We have years of experience within our specific fields and have also put customer satisfaction as our number one priority no matter what the job. Please call Northumbria Engineering for any sub-contract machining work.

Light Fabrication

We have an exceptional in-house light fabrication department consisting of equipment such as benders, guillotines and brazing and welding equipment.

We can provide light fabrication for a wide selection of industry sectors, and no job is too small for us to take one. Primarily working within the North East, we do work all over the country and are not adverse to hearing out an enquiry from a far and wide.


We produce small hotplates ready for any customer requirement that are ideal for the bonding of electronic components.

Hotplates are heated using cartridge heaters and their temperature is controlled with a CAL 9400 dual display.

Precision Vices

We also produce and supply a selection of small precision vices ideal for use in the electronic sectors. We also manufacture precision vices to customers with specific requirements.

Print Nests

We also provide and manufacture print nests for use in the electronics and packaging sectors of industry. Our print nests can be used on ekra and baccini deck printers.

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