Northvale Korting Ltd

Northvale Korting Ltd design develop and manufacture a selection of diaphragm-operated Control Valves.

Control Valves are typically used in process applications to control the flow of temperature, pressure or volume. Change is achieved by the opening and closing of the Control Valve.

We have been manufacturing Control Valves for over 25 years and strive to achieve the perfect product by carrying out constant product reviews.

For more information on Control Valves please visit our website.

  1. Actuators

    We are experts in Actuatorss
  2. Angle Valve

    Angle Valve
    We provide Angle Valves
  3. Ansi Valve

    Ansi Valve
    We offer a range of Ansi Valves
  4. Anti-Slam Backflow Prevention

    Anti-Slam Backflow Prevention
    We specialise in Anti-Slam Backflow Preventions
  5. Bellows Seal

    Bellows Seal
    We are experts in Bellows Seals
  6. Bellow Steam Seal

    Bellow Steam Seal
    We offer a range of Bellow Steam Seals
  7. Bossmatic Valve

    Bossmatic Valve
    We specialise in Bossmatic Valves
  8. Butterfly Valve

    Butterfly Valve
    We offer a range of Butterfly Valves
  9. Carbon Steel Valve

    Carbon Steel Valve
    We provide Carbon Steel Valves
  10. Cast Iron Valve

    Cast Iron Valve
    We offer a range of Cast Iron Valves