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At Nova Electrical, we have been supplying mobile electronic solutions for over 30 years, specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality products from insulated conductor bar systems to spring operated cable and hose reeling drums. Visit our website today for a full equipment list.

We specialise in supplying many variations of conductor systems in a multitude of materials and other beneficial features.

With full descriptions provided on our site, products included in our insulated conductors range include:

  • Single Pole Individually Guided Insulated Conductors
  • Enclosed Conductor Systems
  • Metal Enclosed Conductor Systems
  • Copperhead Conductors
  • Aluminium Enclosed Systems
  • Plastic Enclosed Conductor Systems

Motor Operated Reels

We have a vast extent of motor operated reels used for the reeling of hoses or cables. Our motor operated reels are provided in many drum formats available with low or high voltage sliprings.

Products in this range include:

  • Cylindrical Cable Reeling Drum 
  • Drive Units for Cable reeling Drums
  • Torque Motorised Cable Reeling Drum - can handle long lengths of cable
  • Frequency Converter Controlled Reeling Drum - squirrel cage motor
  • Magnetic Coupler Motor Driven Cable Reeling Drum - normally a standard squirrel cage motor
  • Two Monospiral Cable Reels- for water purification works 
  • Spring Cable Reeling Drums / Spring Hose Reeling Drums
Motor Operated Reels

Flexible Cables

At Nova Electrical, we pride ourselves in having the ability to provide any type and size of flexible cable, normally available with reinforced polyturethane or rubber sheaths. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the flexible cable range for our reeling drums are constructed for high tensile and bending stresses.

Other cables in this range include:

  • PVC Flat Flexible Cables
  • Pendant Control Cables
  • H07VVH6-F - highly flexible, easy and fast identification, no-flame propagation, special PVC compounds, flexible copper conductors
  • Crane Pendant Control Cable - for use on indoor or outdoor overhead travelling cranes and hoists
  • NEHTOU cables for low voltage cable reels
Flexible Cables

Slip Ring Assemblies

Slip rings are components designed to enhance power and signal circuit transfers between both rotating and static units. Coming in vast varieties, suitable for many applications, slip rings come in standard phosphor-bronze materials, but can be plated with precious metals for low noise functions. We have numerous types of slip ring assemblies including slip ring connector columns, high speed, and moulded and open type slip rings and many more with detailed features on our site.

Typical slip ring assemblies are used for:

  • Test rigs
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Slewing cranes
  • Material handling
  • Offshore
  • Ports
  • Water treatment
Slip Ring Assemblies

Cable and Drag Hose Chains

The cable and drag hose chains we supply vary in Nylon and steel substrates. The steel drag chain is commonly used in aerial platforms, steel mills and many other similar industrial fields with significant importance. The Nylon drag chains are designed for small to medium automatisms. On request, we can supply the ideal cable or hose drag chain tailored to suit your requirements.

Cable and Drag Hose Chains

Industrial Remote Radio Controls

At NOVA, we offer a wide range of industrial remote radio controls for many industrial applications such as hoists, travelling cranes and monorails. With many user friendly versions of transmitters, our industrial remote radio controls may include the following features:

  • One-step push buttons (single speed), two-step buttons (two speeds)
  • ON/Horn button
  • Stop palm switch
  • Rotary switch with 2 or 3 fixed positions
  • Rotary switch with 3 positions with automatic return
  • Reinforced safety infrared start-up link
  • Electronic key ensuring equipment is only used by authorized operator
  • Optional infrared start-up for radio remote control

For more user descriptions, visit our website today.

Industrial Remote Radio Controls

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