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A family run business established in 1996 with over 70 years combined experience. Noz-Alls recommend the right products for the job saving you time and helping you to make more money. We pride ourselves on top quality and that is what you get in our products and our service.

Wholesale Oxy Fuel

We started in wholesale of oxy fuel equipment including cutting nozzles and welding nozzles. All our nozzles are produced to our own technical drawings and will perform better than if not the same as the big brands. We keep the final processing in house finishing all Harris type two piece nozzles by hand to ensure the premium quality is achieved and creates a nozzle which will last longer, work safer and cost you less overall per operation.

A top quality wholesaler for all your oxy fuel needs. All welding distributors are welcome and we don't just sell the standard stuff.

Welding Supplies

High quality welding supplies from Noz-Alls in Cheltenham. We don't just supply Gloucester and Tewkesbury areas we sell world wide! We only supply welding products of top quality so if it is consumables you need it is probably Binzel Original from us. Of course we are not just a welding consumables supplier, we supply welding machines, abrasives, power tools and fume extraction to name just a few. All high quality brands including our own growing range of Cheltenham Welding Supplies (CWS) products. 

The important thing to remember is often items are just pennies different but buy cheap buy twice.

Welding Mask

Every welding mask is different and even our own branded cheapest welding mask may look the same as cheaper alternatives on the market but we source the highest quality auto darkening filter lens possible. All our own helmets come with a two year warranty on the ADF lens to give you complete peace of mind. Whether you require an auto darkening welding mask or a passive welding mask we can supply the right one for you. 

If you are unsure of which welding mask is right for you please call us on 01242 681 052. We are here to help. 

MIG Welder

Every MIG welder is designed for a different user in mind so whether your company is a small car garage through to a ship yard or an industrial manufacturer we have a MIG welder perfect you. We supply big reliable brands such as Butters-UK a UK manufacturer, Migatronic the cream of the crop for inverter welders up to 600A, Jasic for the mainstream users and Cheltenham Welding Supplies (CWS) for the small independent garages.

Whichever MIG welder you need call us to discuss your needs and we can recommend the best machines to suit your requirements. 

TIG Welder

TIG welders come in two types, AC DC TIG welders and DC TIG welders. A TIG welder with only DC output is suitable for stainless steel and mild steel whereas an AC/DC TIG welder will also weld aluminium. At Noz-Alls you can try our welders in our large demo area. Whatever your budget, skill or requirements we can help you pick the perfect machine for your company. 

We have more machines available than we have on our website so if there is a particular brand or feature required simply call us and we will be more than happy to help.

Rent Free Gas

Noz-Alls sell the full range of welding gases available from Hobbyweld. Current sizes available are the Ultra 300 bar cylinders containing over 6000 litres of gas down to the small portable 'Original' size rent free cylinder. The most common gases sold are the MIG gas mixes and pure argon for TIG welding. We also sell helium and food grade CO2 for other uses besides welding. If you are a low volume industrial user then you should consider a rent free gas option as it may well save you money. Currently Hobbyweld gases are on a collection only basis.

Welding Screens

Commonly used across the welding industry is the standard green screen. Our best selling welding screen by far is the dark green with click together frame on castors. It is light weight and easy move which proves popular with many and is often bought in lots of 6 but we are happy to send out even just one on its own. Even better, from Noz-Alls carriage is free on all orders over £50. 

If you already have a welding screen frame how about a replacement welding curtain again the common size is 6 x 6 ft but others are available.

Welding Blanket

A welding blanket is the best form of protection from spatter and molton metal for items you cannot move away from the welding area. The highest grade welding blanket suits car garages looking to ensure they do not scratch paintwork thanks to the silica content. However for maximum protection a medium duty welding blanket should be used as a top layer as this will protect most against molton pools of metal. 

We have 4 different grades of blanket and numerous different sizes. When deciding on the size it is best to allow a little extra to fully protect the item.

Metabo Tools

Power tools from Metabo are one of the best premium brands you can buy that offer excellent value for money. From a basic professional angle grinder through to the all singing all dancing cordless fillet weld grinder, Metabo have you covered. The 18v range of cordless power tools is ever increasing and all completely compatible with the same battery. Every battery bought with a machine is included in the excellent 3 year XXL warranty and is not limited on the number of charges or part charges. Power tools that work! 

Welding Rods

MMA welding electrodes or stick welding rods, whatever you call them we sell them. The most basic 6013 welding rods give great value for money and you can be spoilt for choice. It is not always a case of buying cheap rods - we only try to supply good quality rods at a fair price. We also stock specials for welding cast iron items from engine blocks through to fire grates and boot scrapers. There is a rod for every purpose so if in doubt call Noz-Alls on 01242 681 052 and we can assist you.

Welding Wire

If MIG welding (or MAG welding as it should be known) is your game then you will always be in need of MIG wire. Our 'basic' welding wire is the slightly higher silicon content than most standard wires. A18 or ER70S-6 as it is called is designed to give a slightly wetter weld and therefore it should be easier to weld your two pieces of material together. Noz-Alls always aim for better quality products and the same is reflected in the TIG filler wire range also. If you ever need advice on wires please call us. 

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