NPD Direct Ltd


A passion for food runs through the veins of NPD Direct for over 14 years we have provided inspiration and support to brands, retailers and manufacturers across Europe, North America and Australia .  The three main areas of focus:


Culinary R&D is the backbone of NPD Direct, our creative team work around the world providing clients with insight-driven, on-trend creative culinary concepts fit for commercial production


Our team of technical managers, process developers and manufacturing systems experts ensure appropriate processes are applied to deliver commercially successful, and food safe, products.


We work with a number of overseas brands to manage their entry and business development with  UK retailers. Our commercial and consumer insight team manage a broad portfolio of products with the top five UK supermarkets.

We also provide advice and support for UK brands and manufacturers wishing to enter international markets across continental Europe, USA and Australia.

NPD Direct’s range of services provides a truly unique offer.  Our team of industry experts manage the whole spectrum from chef inspired food concepts through to commercial delivery.    

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