NPI Solutions Ltd

At NPI Solutions Ltd we supply high precision components as well as providing contract manufacturing services and sheet metal fabrication. We can also assist with PCB assembly tooling. We provide customers with a user focused approach and have a proven history of supplying specialised and innovative products, solutions and product development.

Precision Machining

At NPI Solutions Ltd we provide a full contract precision machining service with an excellent reputation for service and quality of parts. We offer a highly competitive CNC and precision machining service service in a variety of different material types and grades. Engineering and component machining services include; CNC turning and machining through horizontal and vertical axis, full traceability of materials and finishes as well as bar coded production route cards. Our services also include control systems for materials requirement and planning and a fully computer aided production management system. We are also ISO9001 Certified. Our specialist CNC machining services regularly include milling aluminium, plastics and steel as well as copper and brass. 

Sheet Metal Fabrication

At NPI Solutions Ltd we can offer a comprehensive range of sheet metal fabrication services which are designed to address a variety of different challenges your business faces across different market sectors. Our sheet metal fabrication services include CNC punching, bending and welding as well as deburring. We can also offer computer aided manufacturing and design, TIG/ MIG and Arc as well as Spot welding and a variety of both pre-treatment and finishing options, ensuring your metal fabrications are exactly to your specification. Our metal fabrication services also include silk screen printing and tampo pad printing services. We ensure we have the latest technologies, ready to bring you the highest quality products. 

PCB Assembly Tooling

We specialise in the design and manufacture of innovative PCB assembly tooling systems and services to customers across the electronics industry. We aim to increase the reliability and yield of your processes Our printed circuit board production and tooling services are perfect for either contract manufacturers or OEM (Original equipment Manufacturers). All our tooling is manufactured from materials specific to your industry, satisfying all your tooling needs. Our team of highly skilled design engineers use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the latest process and technology. We have a wealth of experience in addressing any problems you may encounter in your PCB assembly tooling project. 

Contract Manufacturing

Our comprehensive contract manufacturing service is designed to provide and end-to-end service including manufacturing and distribution. Once it is in place, we will take care of all your day to day manufacturing and distribution requirements, freeing your business up other things, such as product innovation and business development. Our contract manufacturing service includes CNC machining, complex assemblies and sheet metal fabrication as well as pre-treatment and finishing and packing, ready for distribution. Our end-to-end service includes everything from carrying out a design and manufacturing review through to supply chain management and helping to reduce delivery times. Our services allow you to work as a virtual company, helping you to work in new and innovative ways and allowing you to outsource your complete manufacturing process to us. 

Industrial Services

As well as manufacturing, tooling and machining services, we provide a comprehensive range of industrial services. These include;

  • Decorative and hard anodising (in natural and black): including selective anodising and Aluprint services. These help to increase durability, reduce maintenance needs and assist with colour stability.
  • Outsourced product development: We are a leader in outsourced and sub contract manufacturing across the UK. We ensure our outsourcing services work closely with your internal teams to scope and develop your ideas and processes.

Other industrial services include providing Alocrom 1200, WEEE and RoHS compliant Alocrom SurTec650 and powder coating, as well as wet spray painting. We can also help with screen printing and stencilling as well as deburring

Prototyping Services

Using our CNC machinery, we can provide rapid and high quality prototyping services for business across the country. There are a variety of materials and finishes which can be applied through the prototyping service to develop and create a new product. This allows your different engineering and design team(s) to stimulate application of your finished products. The advantages of using our prototyping services include a reduction of timeframes and costs across the development process. We involve you through the prototyping process, taking your feedback to inform our designs. As we work together through this process, we can identify ways to enhance or improve future iterations of your products design.  

Full Product Build

By combining our services in prototyping, manufacturing, fabrication and PCB assembly tooling, we can provide a full end-to-end  product build service. We will take you initial concept or design through the initial stages of designing and into manufacturing as well as early prototyping. Once you are happy with your product, we can move on to a full outsourced manufacturing service. The key elements of our full product build service includes a full review of your initial designs and ideas for manufacturing, managing your supply chains fully for you as well as reducing the amount of stock you need to hold and decrease overall delivery times, getting your products out of the door and into customers hands faster. 

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