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We specialise in medical equipment calibration. We are a Lancashire based company swith significant expertise in many aspects of the maintenance of medical equipment calibration, used in primary care and hospitals. Our services include on-site calibration, maintenance and the repair of the following types of equipments:

  • Cardiology Equipment
  • Lung Function Equipment
  • General Physiological Measurement Equipment

On-Site Calibration

We provide comprehensive on-site calibration services. With our on-site calibration services, all testing is carried out by professional and fully-trained technicians.

Services include:

  • On-site test and calibration service - for the test and calibration of all qualifying equipment used in your practice. To be completed in a single visit with minimal disruption to the health centre or surgery
  • Test and calibration service - available for all types of health centre/surgery equipment ranging from body mass scales, medical thermometers, blood pressure units, spirometer and ECGs

Express Calibration

Our services include express calibration, allowing you to send equipment to us for calibration. This express calibration service is specifically designed to deal with any equipment you suspect is inaccurate or if you have acquired a piece of equipment which does not appear to have any evidence of valid calibration.

This service is available for many types of physiological measurement equipment, ranging from body mass scales, medical thermometers, blood pressure units, spirometer and ECGs.


We provide comprehensive and professional maintenance services. For certain equipment, a once-a-year calibration is simply not enough. Maintenance is required to ensure the equipment performs satisfactorily throughout its commission. For such equipment, routine servicing or planned preventative maintenance is necessary.

Maintenance can be carried out on-site or the equipment can be sent to us for servicing at our workshop. Maintenance can also be combined with a calibration visit.


We provide breakdown and repair services to suit all requirements and specific needs.

Our breakdown and repair services are usually targeted on capital equipment such as ECGs and spirometers. To find out whether we can be of any assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to give you advice.

Mercury Removal

We provide a service to remove items from your surgery that contain mercury. This mercury removal service is for mercurial spygmanometers and mercurial thermometers.

To find out more about our mercury removal service, visit our website.


Our vast equipment supplies also extends to the stock of a range of consumables for ECG and spirometery equipment.

These consumables include:

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