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We are a leading UK manufacturer of solenoids and switches specialising in innovate solutions and designs for products such as rotary solenoids. Rotary solenoids are compact, powerful and versatile. The range offers around 20,000 possible variations in eight basic sizes.

As well as rotary solenoids and a wide variety of other solenoids, we also supply vast options for products such as switches and electromechanical assemblies to many differing markets including transport, security, defence and medical.


Our immense variety of solenoids are used in a diverse array of applications and markets. They are often used in applications where reliability is integral.

Lines of solenoids we supply include:

  • Tubular solenoids
  • Open frame solenoids
  • Low profile solenoids
  • Magnetic latching solenoids

Tubular Solenoids

We supply a vast selection of options in tubular solenoids. These tubular solenoids have a versatile enclosed construction providing an economic solution for longer stroke, limited space applications.

Features include:

  • Push and pull designs
  • Single hole fixing
  • Long life – tested to 25 million actuations
Tubular Solenoids

Rotary Wafer Switches

We are renowned for the immense flexibility and application development of our rotary wafer switches. These robust, time proven rotary wafer switches are versatile as well as reliable. Rotary wafer switches can be supplied in many different combinations.

Features include:

  • Switching capability from µA to 6A
  • Voltages up to 3KV
  • Tactile, robust and reliable
  • Coded options
Rotary Wafer Switches
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