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Flexible Ducting and Hose Solutions Manufacturer

NTCDUCTING.COM is a UK based manufacturer/supplier of flexible ducting, industrial ducting, military ducting, sewn ducting, high temperature ducting and silicone hoses amongst many ducting supplies and accessories.

Flexible ducting for use in a wide range of industry applications, including Heating and Air-Conditioning, Food, Pharmaceutical, Exhaust Gas Applications.

Our Product Range:
  • High Temperature Ducting
  • Silicone Ducting
  • Variforms Ducting
  • Heating & Ventilation Ducting
  • Exhaust Gas Ducting
  • Gripflex Range
  • Flexible Ducting
  • Hotair Ducting
Wide range of products 

Our Insulated Heating ducting saved a customer up to 25% fuel bills 

All ducting and hose requirements.
20 years of experience in design, production and marketing of industrial hose products.
Customised products to suit clients needs.
Flexible production facilities.
Good stockholdings.

Insulated Ducting

Wide range of ventilation ducting either economical PVC versions or Silicon impregnated Glass fabrics for high performance non toxic and fully fire-retardant requirements. All versions are also available with Foam or Glass wool insulation.

left: mobile air condition insulated ducting for military application.

All duct versions can be seamlessly joined onto one hose version that suits your specific needs. Special suspension tabs can be fitted or customer's fittings can be sewn onto the cuffs.

• wide pitch 150-250mm gives light weight, and compressibility • close pitch 35-60mm gives strong duct with good vacuum and good crush resistant properties

• portable heating and air-condition units • over head ducting ceiling mounted to distribute air • conduction of hot air • solvent fume extraction • permanent antistatic version for explosive fume extraction

Our manufacturing department is eager to put your ideas into action

Insulated Ducting

Granulate Drying Application

Temperature +150°C to 310°C Uni V2 (Neoprene coated glass fabric duct for hot air up to 150°C) and Uni V9 (silicone coated glass hot air ducting up to 310°C) in a plastic dehumidifier

Temperature: -85°C to +310°C
(Special versions up to +600°C)

Air supply cupboard, NTC silicone last minimum 01 years in the application.
A wide range of Neoprene and Silicone ducting for standard or highly specific applications such as:
• Automotive applications for hot air intake • Heavy duty versions for vehicle-intercooler and turbo applications • General machine building • Granulate drying

This group of hoses and ducting are easily adaptable due to our flexible production techniques. Most of these hoses can be specially adapted to make your applications more efficient. Please allow us to combine your ideas with our long standing production ability.

Granulate Drying Application

Intercooler Application

Uni M9 LK with special cuffs used in a diesel engine intercooler Applications. Advantage: No special aluminium cast tubing required.

left: Silicone intercooler hoses, outcast convertional rubber up to 10 times.

Excellent ageing properties, outlast black rubbers at least 5 times, thermal stable over years.
• Silicone Radiator hoses with multi layers of Polyester or Kevlar or glass fabric reinforced • 90 - 45° degree bending • FDA food Silicone hoses with fabric reinforcements and stainless steel wire • Glass and Kevlar reinforced Turbo & Intercooler hoses up to 50 bars for 0°C - 90°C • Special shapes to customer drawings including 32 shapes • Fluro Silicone liners for effective oil barrier

Our experienced and adaptable production team is willing to take your challenging ideas and produce suitable solutions.

Intercooler Application

Garage Exhaust

TR500 likes high temperature at high vacuum

Spiraflex TR1000 Applications to extract hot fumes from auxilary power turbines. The duct is a flexible compensatory to join from plane to rigid extraction systems.


  • car gas exhaust systems incl. overhead-reels • bus and truck exhaust gas extraction • tank and airplane exhaust gas extraction

Temperature from 150 °C to +800 °C

Wide ranges of low and high temperature exhaust system ducts

All SL and TR hoses can be specially adapted to suit your needs for example:
SL 400 with 1m TR 600 seamlessly joint onto hose. Special suspension tabs can be fitted or customer's fittings can be sewn onto the cuffs for easy mounting.

Our manufacturing department is eager to put your ideas into action

Garage Exhaust

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