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The NUM mission statement aims to offer machine builders with a competitive advantage. We are committed to the exceptional high quality and reliability of our products and combine them with an effective and responsive worldwide after-sales service organisation.

The NUM mission statement encourages us into being positive and continually developing and maintaining a strong financial position. We are extremely committed to the CNC market and invest in new technology, production, and support and services.

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CNC Controls

Our CNC controls include the Flexium CNC system. This system provides optimised production processes and high-performance products. The system was designed and tested to achieve the most challenging tasks.

CNC controls options also include the Axium Power CNC system. This system is available in various configurations and is equipped with specific features and functions. The system can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of customers.

Servo Drive with Digital Bus

The Servo Drive with digital bus is precise and dynamic and is comes in a range of varieties. The Servo Drive with digital bus have a high level of precision when used with NUM motors and provide an extreme amount of computing and drive power within a small space.

It has considerable low power consumption and low heat radiation and can be adapted to suit a variety of applications and machines.

After Sales Spare Parts and Support

Num (UK) Ltd situated in the Heart of the UK in Coventry.

Using our large Spare Parts inventory, we can support most machines that have been imported from all over the world with Num CNC, Motors & drives

We also have a unique Emerency Manufacture Servo Motor service, so that if you have a motor that you need fast, we can manuafacture the vast majority of our servo motors within 48 Hours. We can of course repair our motors directly from our UK office, these repairs include bearing replacement, and or fedback device, namely Encoders or Resolvers.

Please give us a call on 02476 301 259 or e-mail

Num Shop

Please Vist our online Num Shop for your Software Downloads and all manuals for our CNC & Drive systems. Incluing Num 1020, Num 1040, Num 1050, Num 1060, Axium, Flexium, Num 720, Num 750, Num 760 and RoboNum 820/850


We provide software tools for drivers and CNC machinery. Out tools include PLCTool, SETTool and EditPart Program NUMBackUp.

Out software tools also consist of APPTool, PERSOTool, NUMtrans and NumTools Analogue Drive. We also have SDK communication with the CNC and SDK for NUMpass HMI.


NUMROTO allows us to easily manufacture and resharpen high quality tools and means we can machine a wealth of tool types.


NUMROTO offers a functional and economical efficient solution and provides maximum performance. By using our NUMROTO services, you get to stay ahead in your competition and keep ahead in the future.

Total Solutions

Our total solutions include a range of branded solutions including NUMROTO, the most successful tool grinding range, and NUMtransfer. NUMtransfer offers versatile and cost-efficient machinery for multi-spindle applications, rotary transfer and in-line.

Out total solutions also include:

  • NUMhsc – excellent high speed and quality on 5 or more axes machines
  • NUMwood – long tradition with powerful complete solutions in woodworking
  • NUMgear – intelligent complete solutions for new or used gear manufacturing machines

We also provide NUMspecial solutions. These are creative solutions designed for your specific requirements and NUMcut, a ready-integrated tool head for sophisticated plasma, laser and waterjet cutting machinery applications.

Control Cabinets

Our control cabinets are tailored to meet your specific requirements and can be adapted to perform specialist work and prefabricate modules with efficiency guaranteed.

As well as our complete control cabinets, we have systems with drives and software for two or three axes and expandable for up to any number of axes

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