Nuvia Ltd

Nuvia is a leading international engineering, project management and services provider to the highly regulated nuclear, defence, oil and gas, and science and research industries. Our expertise has been developed over many years and is backed up by a highly trained, committed workforce and a wide range of specialist resources.


Nuvia offers a complete engineering service to the nuclear industry, including New Build; from concept, scheme and detailed design through to active commissioning and EPC type contracts. All our engineering staff are trained in multi-disciplinary working, business acumen and strategic thinking; and it is these skills that our engineers and designers use to understand project drivers and take initiatives to move beyond the "drawing board" and use their breadth and depth of expertise to respond to the most technically challenging engineering problems and spot areas for innovative improvement to the benefit of our customers.

Project Management

Nuvia delivers the full range of professional engineering project management services, with our experienced project managers supported by project engineers, planners, estimators, cost engineers, construction managers, commercial managers, designers, inspectors and test engineers.

With a project management approach based on close collaboration and partnership working, we utilise a proven project management system developed from best practice that encompasses the APM Body of Knowledge and meets the requirements of British Standard BS 6079.

Engineer Procure Construction

With strong knowledge of nuclear hazards and radiological environments, we provide effective project management, supply chain management and assured delivery of all aspects, from design and safety case production to procurement, on-site installation and commissioning.

For the largest projects we can utilise the support of parent group VINCI, the world's largest construction and concessions organisation, to deliver the EPC phases of the construction cycle. We use our experience to drive efficient construction methodology and, where appropriate, adopt a modular construction approach to reduce timescales on site, ensure schedules are kept and costs reduced.

Operations and Maintenance

Nuvia manages the operation of nuclear facilities and supporting units, offering its customers equipment control and operation, maintenance, project supervision, and the shared objectives of reliability and safety over a wide technical scope in order to optimise performance and profitability.

We share with our customers the same exacting standards and determination in terms of safety, security and environmental protection.

Radiation Protection Services

As Europe's leading commercial provider of radiation protection services, Nuvia offers support, consultancy and expertise in all aspects of radiation protection and the characterisation of radioactive materials.

We supply these services to a wide variety of customers including those in the oil and gas sector, nuclear industry, government agencies, global corporations and small private companies using radiation in a variety of technologies.


Nuvia's consultant experience covers a wide range of technical disciplines and includes internationally recognised specialist expertise provided to industry, governments and regulators at a strategic level.

Our range of consultancy services includes:

  • Waste Management
  • Land Remediation
  • Safety & Risk Analysis / Management
  • Decommissioning & Engineering
  • Engineering Substantiation
  • Option studies

Strategy Development & Optioneering


Our strong engineering design and project management capability, alongside our extensive approved supply chain, means we can serve all clients' needs and ensure projects are delivered on time, to budget and quality. Working closely with a number of divisions, we offer excellent technical and cost-effective solutions for tenders and projects.

By utilising early procurement involvement at all stages we can identify the right suppliers and place appropriate orders, while our status as a wholly owned subsidiary of VINCI allows us to access otherwise inaccessible global supply chains.


Nuvia Limited provides a wide range of training courses covering radiation safety, decommissioning and waste management services. Our training courses are aimed at enhancing the skills and capabilities of delegates and can be tailored to meet specific client needs.

Our course tutors have a wealth of experience in areas such as radiation protection, decommissioning and waste management, for a wide range of nuclear projects in both the civil and defence sectors.

Research and Development

As you may expect from a company that tracks its legacy to the start of the UK nuclear industry, Nuvia has been at the forefront of the nuclear research programme and has much experience in supporting the development of new technologies and processes across all areas of the nuclear fuel cycle.

Our R&D programme, conducted in close partnership with universities, research bodies and our supply chain, underpins the development of all our services and has a clear focus on technical advancement.

The technical and scientific knowledge we have developed over time means we can support clients to develop solutions for some of the industry's most complex challenges. 

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