Nvelope Rainscreen Systems

Essential to architects and installers. We ensure that our rainscreen cladding systems make the life of the architect and the installer easier and more time effective.

Suitable for supporting even the most demanding cladding materials; NVELOPE design and supply UK manufactured ‘off the shelf’ rainscreen cladding support systems, these systems carry a BBA certificate.

NVELOPES Project Checklist means all NVELOPE cladding systems can be engineered to project specific requirements. The requirements for each façade and cladding system are always different and depend on factors such as local wind loads, height of the façade, substrate being fixed to, selected cladding material and the cladding zone. We offer a full support service providing architect with; potential cost savings, project specific static calculations, thermal calculations, setting-out information and m2 budget pricing. Our systems are available as NBS plus specification clauses and with autoCAD files.

NVELOPE systems start with a support bracket, ‘helping hand’ bracket, which can be secured to stud, brick work or a steel substrate. The support brackets are supplied with hard PVC thermal isolators on the back. ‘T’ and ‘L’ profiles are then fixed to the support bracket using the fixed and floating / flexible points. The fixed point brackets absorb the panel’s dead load, whereas the floating / flexible point absorb wind loading and allow for expansion and contraction. NVELOPE brackets allow for adjustment between the face of the primary substrate and the façade. 

Nvelope Rainscreen Systems Overview