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Nylacast has become synonymous with innovation, quality and technical excellence in relation to engineering plastics development and production, and are a world leader in the field of machined components. The skilled team of designers, engineers and production staff at Nylacast ensures expert advice is available on application requirements and material selection. In-house technical expertise and a vast state of the art manufacturing facility mean Nylacast can design and manufacture components to suit the specialist needs of customers from a diverse range of industries.

At Nylacast we offer a very cost effective alternative to traditional engineering metals.

Nylacast components are;

  • Self-lubricating, eliminating routine/costly maintenance
  • Exceptionally resistant to wear and abrasion
  • Stable, corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Typically 1/7th the weight of steel
  • 25 times more wear life than that of phosphor bronze
  • High visibility colours for increased safety

High impact strength 

Nylacast offer value for money by operating a lean manufacturing philosophy and continual implementation of improvements to reduce production costs whilst maintaining high quality standards.

  • In-house design facilities
  • Latest CAD/CAM machine tool technology
  • Complex components in any quantity
  • Material selection advice
  • Samples, prototypes, batch production

Industries served by Nylacast

The versatility of Nylacast components sees them being used in many diverse applications within the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food processing
  • Forestry & lumber equipment Railways
  • Water treatment
  • Automotive
  • Power plants
  • Steel mills Packaging equipment
  • Defence
  • Underwater Vehicles
  • Aerospace
  • Bottling and canning production
  • Recycling units Conveyors
  • Shoe manufacturing
  • Ship building
  • Waste management
  • Metal processing

It is Nylacast's technical ability and engineering expertise, backed up by state of the art manufacturing facilities situated world wide, which has made Nylacast components a number one choice.

Industries served by Nylacast

Typical Nylacast Components & Applications

Nylacast Engineering Polymers are stable, corrosion resistant, tough, self-lubricating and wear resistant, making them an ideal replacement to traditional engineering materials such as steel, cast iron and bronze.  This allows Nylacast Polymers to be the perfect choice for a wide range of applications and components across a range of industries.

As well as producing bespoke components, some typical applications include:

  • Washers
  • Bushes
  • Gears
  • Bearings
  • Wear pads / Wear strips
  • Sheaves / Pulleys
  • Thruster nozzles
  • Pipe in Pipe spacers
  • Outrigger pads
  • Rollers
  • Sprockets
Typical Nylacast Components & Applications

Nylacast Pioneering Nylon Sheaves

Using advanced polymers, in particular those based around cast nylon, allow for a number of significant advantages in sheave application.  These include increased wire rope life, reduced component weight, protection against corrosion and reduced maintenance costs whilst also offering improved lifting.  In addition, Nylacast sheaves can be specifically formulated with modifiers and internal lubricant packages (Nylacast Oilon and Nylube) appropriate to end use which further enhances performance.

Nylacast Pioneering Nylon Sheaves

Nylacast Bigfoot - Crane Outrigger Pad

Nylacast Bigfoot was developed in conjunction with industrial demand, where a need arose for a reliable, strong and safe crane outrigger pad.  This needed to be made from a tough affordable material strong enough to withstand heavyweights yet still be light enough to carry around.  Nylacast Bigfoot has been used by a number of major crane hire companies for over 15 years.

From independently verified analysis, for a given ground loading Nylacast Bigfoot is easily capable of safely supporting 1.6 times more load than an equivalent polyethylene pad.

Nylacast Bigfoot - Crane Outrigger Pad

About Nylacast

With over four decades of experience in the development of engineering plastics, coupled with continuous investment in R&D means Nylacast is regarded a world leader in the development of engineering plastic components. This level of experience, combined with the ability to produce rapid prototypes and complex one-off components has seen Nylacast involved in a number of collaborative projects with blue chip organisations such as JCB, Manitou, Caterpillar, Mercedes, Fiat, Volvo and GlaxoSmithKline to name a few.

Our teams of highly-skilled Designers and Engineers provide a wealth of knowledge on materials selection and employ the latest in CAD/CAM linked technology to ensure the most efficient manufacture process. A high level of investment within the manufacturing division means Nylacast can boast over 40 separate milling machines, with up to 3.7 metre, 6 axis capacity. Over 30 CNC turning centre incorporating bar-feed systems and with up to 1.4 metre capacity means Nylacast has capacity to supply the world's largest manufacturers.

Quality is critical within the production process and Nylacast operate to rigorous QMS systems in IS0 9000:2008 and TS 16949. Our in-house materials verification facility offers customers mechanical data on any grade of engineering plastic available today. Nylacast engineering plastics are stable, corrosion-resistant, tough and wear resistant, making them the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Our components are found in a diverse range of industries including construction, offshore, pharmaceutical, food processing, rail, agriculture, Defence and automotive.

Established in 1967 Nylacast headquarters and main manufacturing sites are in the UK.  In order to reach and service our global market Nylacast also have sites and offices in South Africa, Pennsylvania (USA) and Houston (USA).

About Nylacast
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