Nylon and Alloys Ltd


We are Nylon suppliers who also provide fasteners manufactured from aluminium and titanium. Our range of fasteners includes nuts, bolts, washers, spacers, and screws. We always aim to stand out in this growing and demanding marketplace and offer our customers with high quality products and outstanding product support.

We remain one of the largest Nylon suppliers of fasteners in the UK and supply fasteners to a wide diversity of industry sectors.

Nylon: Metric

Our Nylon metric products include cable accessories, washers, spacers, nuts, screws, and shoulder washers.

Nylon metric cable accessories consist of cable clamps, cable ties and hose clamps. Our extensive selection of nuts include knurled thumb nuts, special wing nuts, dome nuts, and nut covers.

Nylon: Unified

Our Nylon unified products consist of nuts, washers, spacers, and screws. Our screw range offers an extensive selection including hexagon head screws, slotted grub screws, pan slotted screws, and socket head cap screws. Our Nylon unified range include hexagon tapped spacers and a variety of washers. Popular applications using Nylon fasteners include plug holes, hose and cable requirements.


We supply a series of aluminium manufactured items including nuts, screws, studding, and washers. We have special order aluminium nuts for both half and full nuts and all metal locking nuts. Our aluminium screws include socket button heads, cup square screws and countersunk sockets.


We supply a range of products manufactured from titanium including washers, screws and nuts. Our selection of titanium nuts comprise of washer faced nuts, nyloc nuts, half and full nuts, and dome nuts.

It is often beneficial to use titanium fasteners because they are resistant to corrosion and are light the stronger than stainless steel. We also supply titanium cheesehead screws, hexagon headed screws and titanium studding.


Our range of polypropylene components includes nuts, washers and screws. Polypropylene fasteners are suited to applications needing dimensional stability because they will not bend.

Types of applications where polypropylene items are used include toys, medical items, bottles, and pipes.

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