O'Neill and Co Ltd


At O’Neill and Co, we specialise in the supply of synthetic oils for compressors and various other applications. We also supply of industrial refrigeration lubricants and synthetic lubricants for hydrocarbon gases.

Currently, our lubricant products are used in chemical plants, oil refineries, land fills, gas recovery, carbon dioxide plants and natural gas processing applications. We also supply lubricants for chains and gears and food grade lubricants.

Industrial Refrigeration Lubricants

We supply many industrial refrigeration lubricants including viscosities of Polyol esters such as R134a and mixes of this. Other industrial refrigeration lubricants include oils such as Polyalkylene glycols, used for propane and propylene in addition to other oils for carbon dioxide and ammonia.

Oil Selection

We provide a full oil selection service. We can recommend a suitable oil type and viscosity for your requirements when presented with relevant compressor gas, compressor type, discharge pressure, and oil temperature details. We can also recommend suitable lubricants for other applications such as chains and vacuum pumps as part of our oil selection service.

Oil Availability

In regards to oil availability, we hold stocks of oils in our UK warehouse in 208 litre (55 US gal) drums and 19 litre (5 US gal) pails. Larger and smaller containers are available to order.

Oil Manufacturer

The oil manufacturer, CPI Engineering Services, is one of the leading companies in this field and supplies us with our oil products. Their products have been approved throughout the world by many major companies. At O’Neill and Co Ltd, we are authorised stockists of CPI specialised lubricant products.

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