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We are the largest retailer of solid hardwood furniture throughout the UK.

We are located in Wiltshire but we have showrooms throughout the country. We have more than 250 staff member on hand to help provide you with any solutions to your hardwood furniture requirements. All aspects are dealt with comprehensively, from initial design all the way up to after-sales care.

We have an immense distribution centre where all of our stock is processed. Our high quality manufacturing, cost-efficient prices and unrivaled customer service is complemented by our delivery service. It's free of charge.

Oak Coffee Tables

In particular, pubs and hotels will find our selection of quality real solid oak coffee tables an excellent addition to their enterprise. Guests commonly enjoy the chance to sit and have a social cup of coffee to relax in the afternoon, or perhaps a quiet drink later on in the evening and solid oak coffee tables are ideal for this purpose.

At OFL Commercial, we have an expansive selection of mahogany, mango and oak coffee tables all made from 100 percent solid hardwood. No inferior materials are ever used - such as MDF, chipboard and veneer. You can be confident in the knowledge that the furniture will look at its natural best for many years to come.

This makes for an astute investment financially, as well as adding value to the overall experience you will be able to provide your customers with.

Oak Beds

There’s very little that emits quality and grandeur quite like elegant oak beds. At OFL Commercial we have an excellent selection to choose from. There is a wide choice of single, double, king-size and even super-king size beds, all of which have been handcrafted using A-grade solid hardwood. The build quality is truly exceptional and the graceful features will be sure to set the tone of the bedroom effortlessly.

Our Rustic Solid Oak double bed would be perfect if you’re looking to furnish a traditional B&B, with its subtly-tinted stain designed to create a warm, traditional feel.

On the other hand, for a more modern establishment, check out our highly sought after Tokyo Solid Oak range for a contemporary bed influenced by Japanese architecture.

Whatever your requirements, be sure to browse our full selection of oak beds.

Dining Room Furniture

With mealtimes being so important in any holiday or break we're aware just how vital it is that your guests are able to relax and be comfortable. For that reason, a good dining set plays an important role in this experience.

At OFL Commercial, we have an expansive selection of solid mango and oak dining room furniture sets. They vary in style and size and can seat anywhere from 2 to 12 guests depending on your requirements. So regardless of whether you’re looking for a small two-seater table for a café or larger dining tables for a restaurant area, there will be something suitable in our collection.

Also in our dining room furniture range we have an abundance of luxury dining chairs, either purely in solid wood or upholstered using real leather or fabric for exceptional style and comfort.

Oak Dining Set

Ideal for adding a classic touch to any Bed and Breakfast or hotel, an oak sideboard is a great accompaniment to any oak dining set. Providing a number of storage solutions, sideboards are a versatile piece of furniture adaptable to many room types. From dining and kitchen settings to larger hallway and living space areas, sideboards can fulfil a variety of uses.

When choosing the right dining room furniture, it is important to choose a long-lasting materials such as our hardwood oak, mango and mahogany ranges to ensure a sound investment. Why not take a look at our oak dining set range to see just how our furniture can fit your business.

Rustic Oak Furniture

Currently in home design and décor; the rustic style is one of the top trends – so it is no surprise to learn that our best-selling range is our very own Rustic oak furniture collection. The appeal of the Rustic style is that it creates a homely ambience and has an abundance of character which is so often missing from modern design. Our Rustic oak furniture range perfectly captures this, managing to maintain a modern twist to the range ideal for either a contemporary or a classic setting alike.

At OFL Commercial, we have an abundance of high-quality Rustic furniture for almost any requirements, including bedroom furniture, dining furniture and even front-room furniture.

Real Solid Hardwood

At OFL Commercial we only ever use 100 percent real solid hardwood in our products. Opting for real solid hardwood products is beneficial for a number of reasons: first, with genuine natural wood on display as opposed to cheap imitation veneers or inferior woods such as MDF or chipboard, and the appearance is far superior. Secondly, from a building perspective, the products are much more robust and will last for many years to come.

It can be all too easy to opt for the cheapest option when furnishing new business premises, particularly if the furniture is likely to be subject to heavy-use. However, the reality is that you will simply have to replace the furniture far more frequently, and in fact the durability of our genuine hardwood products means that they have been designed to withstand frequent use. This makes for a sound investment both for the immediate present as well as the future.

OFL Commercial

Oak Furniture Land is the UK’s largest retailer of solid hardwood furniture. OFL Commercial is the business to business branch of the organisation. OFL Commercial supply quality hardwood furniture direct to leisure and hospitality businesses.

Our business model is simple: we offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices so that as many organisations as possible are able to take advantage of our exceptional furniture. We look to keep our costs as low as possible and pass any savings directly onto our customers. We even have our own in-house delivery network to allow us to keep control of the whole supply chain and ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

We have an incredible selection of furniture handcrafted using only the finest materials to ensure the highest standards in both appearance and build quality. You will never find any veneers, MDF or chipboard in any of our products and the pieces are all hand made using traditional methods – including dovetail joints on all drawers.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is a type of interior design where furnishings are selected for their age and signs of wear of tear, or where new items are made to look old by various forms of distressing. Our unique shabby chic style furniture range is an excellent way to inject a room with character without the antique price tag.

The best thing about shabby chic furniture is you don’t have to own a traditional property to enjoy it. Shabby chic works well in modern inner city premises and urban environments so would be equally suited to a country manor or city centre bar.

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