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Oakpark Alarms experienced surveyors will design the system to ensure your insurance requirements are met.  Understanding these needs we can offer a full range of systems based on leading edge technology and solutions.  We are Agents for a number of manufacturers giving us a full range of systems to suit an application.  Protecting people and property from fire is of primary importance to any business.  This can be achieved in many ways depending on the building make up whether new build or retro fit. 

Fire Alarms   

We can offer full design, supply, installation, and commissioning and maintenance services.  All of these modules of work can be certified in line with the requirements of BS 5839. 

Conventional systems can be installed as standard or two wire to suit the application.  Designed for the smaller type of building, this will be as effective as any system in doing the job of protecting property and life.

Addressable systems for the larger building.  Designed in house by our qualified and highly experienced surveyors.  The system will be in accordance to your insurance stipulations and then installed, commissioned and maintained by our qualified and trained engineers.

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Fire Extinguishers

(a) the premises are, to the extent that it is appropriate, equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment and with fire detectors and alarms; and (b) any  fire-fighting equipment so provided is easily accessible, simple to use and indicated by signs. 

Your Fire Risk Assessment will determine your requirements.

If it is just replacements you need, download our Order Form and return to us for direct delivery or let us know if you require us to supply and install ensuring a professional job.  We will check all the signage is correct and up to standard.  Qualified Engineers will ensure customers get a cost-effective, fully compliant solution to their requirements.

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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishing Systems

We are able to offer a one stop solution for all your fire requirements including Fire Suppression Systems.

Fire Suppression

Partnered with one of the UK's leading independent designers and installers of fixed fire protection, gas extinguishing, water-mist and foam systems. We are able to offer the design, supply, installation and ongoing support for customers that require or have automatic sprinkler systems and gas systems.

Designed and installed to the high standards demanded by both the UK and US licensing authorities and insurance industries and fully approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board for all types of sprinkler system and all hazard classifications.

  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Gas extinguishing systems
  • Dry & wet risers
  • Fire hydrant mains
  • Medium & high velocity water spray systems
  • Water mist
  • Water deluge systems
  • Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) systems
  • Foam
Fire Extinguishing Systems

Security Alarms

Established in 1985 Oakpark Alarms Security Services Ltd are specialists in the Design, Supply, Installation, Service and Maintenance of various security alarms including:

  • CCTV
Security Alarms

Intruder Alarms

The Company has been designing and installing Intruder Alarms since 1985 and has evolved with industry and technology installing Alarms into anything from garden sheds to the County Offices.  We will design a system to suit your Home or Business.  With N.S.I. (NACOSS) Gold Accreditation you will be sure of a system you and your Insurance Company will be happy with. 

Wired / Wireless

A hardwired system if the building allows or a wireless if preferred or necessary.  We can install either with proven high quality equipment.  We will carry out a Radio Signal Strength Test before installing any RF equipment ensuring the Radio Signal and Interference are within the manufacturers guidelines.  This will guarantee years of fault free use.


We pride ourselves on our high level of installation, even commented on by our NACOSS Inspector!  Our Engineers are trained to hide as much cabling as possible and you would be amazed at their capabilities.  Even a wired system you will rarely see a cable.  If this is not possible the wireless option is available.  25 years of the same customers returning to us for their installations whenever they move is testament to our high quality of workmanship and service thereafter.

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Intruder Alarms


Closed Circuit Television has become one of the 21st Century's most important weapons in the battle against crime and terrorism.  Commercial or Domestic, Oakpark can offer a solution to suit.  With our largest single installation of over 100 cameras, we have been installing CCTV since 1990 and have kept up with all the changes through the ages of this very fast moving area of our industry.  We are highly qualified in Digital and I.P. systems.  We have established strong connections with many of the largest manufacturers in the industry.  All systems will be installed to comply to NACP104 AND BS EN50132 in keeping with our N.S.I. (NACOSS) Gold Accreditation ensuring all installations and after care are of the highest level.

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Door Access

Access control products range from electronic code locks to company-wide access control systems integrated with other security and building automation functions.  Our access control products have an enviable reputation being easy to operate whilst their robustness and modularity ensures long trouble-free life.  We have installed hundreds of systems into Educational Facilities, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Blocks of Flats to name but a few.  Restricting access onto a site or into a building is key to reducing security breaches during working hours and maintaining control out of hours.  All systems will be installed to comply to NACP30 and BS EN50133 in keeping with our N.S.I. (NACOSS) Gold Accreditation.

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Door Access

Gates, Barriers & Bollards

Established in 1985 Oakpark Alarms Security Services Ltd has been involved with Automated Gates, Barriers and Bollards for the last twenty years.  Never a major part of the business but with more and more demand over the years we created our Automated Access Division.  20 Years experience in this field means there is no job too large but also no job too small.  Commercial or Domestic, we will design, supply and install the solution to suit.  A cheap Internet sourced system is often not a good solution.  Rather pay a bit more and ensure it will not be failing 18 months later.  We are still servicing originally equipment and systems installed 15-20 years ago purely because of the quality of equipment and the installation.  Be sure not to do the job twice!     

We will design, supply and install the installation complete with gates/barriers, ground works, fencing, electrical services, door access and CCTV if required.  This means one point of contact for the whole job and one invoice with no surprise overheads at the end.  

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Gates, Barriers & Bollards


Our Locksmiths are all Master Locksmith Association Accredited. 

Many of our works require the adding, changing or reconfiguring of the locking mechanisms on doors.  Rather than having a number of contractors to organise and pay we will do complete, saving time and hassle on your behalf.


We can offer a wide range of safes for collection or supply, deliver and install.  Contact us with your requirements and we will recommend the correct safe at a competitive price. 

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Perimeter Electronic Protection & Fencing

Perimeter Protection can be achieved in many different ways and comes in many different forms.  Domestic applications can be very different to those of the Commercial requirements albeit the end result is the same, to prevent the breach of an area or detection once an area is breached. 

Electronic Perimeter Protection

Active Beams can be placed to create a perimeter protection around and area or building to be protected.  This when activated can cause any type of reaction from a simple audible warning, activating CCTV cameras that can be remotely monitored or a simple audible alarm elsewhere to inform of a breach.  Our experienced surveyors will design a system to suit the application.

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Perimeter Electronic Protection & Fencing

Security Blinds / Shutters

Aluminium security shutters combine strength and style, allowing the specifier the opportunity to offer clients an aesthetically pleasing solution, without compromising security. Steel security shutters are installed in large span commercial applications (20m2 + ) and wherever fire protection is a must. Insulated security shutters are popular in domestic and light commercial applications, offering heat and sound insulation. High strength extruded aluminium and steel security shutters are utilised in medium - high security domestic and commercial applications.

Security Grilles retract fully to allow 100% access to doors and the full opening of windows. Innovative design and the use of modern manufacturing techniques has led to the development of the high specification range of retractable security grilles that form an effective barrier against intruders, whilst retaining the appearance of the building that is being protected.

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Security Blinds / Shutters

Home Automation & Heating Control

It's simple and could save 80% of the population 18% of their home heating bill. On average, this equates to some £214 per annum.

Many household's hotwater and heating systems are automatically switched on and off at the same time, day in / day out, regardless of whether the occupant is in, comes home late or goes to bed early.

PassivEnergyTM is the first energy management system that manages a home's hot water and heating systems based around how people live their life. This is a function known as 'Adaptive Occupancy Control.'

PassivEnergyTM is, to be frank, extremely clever. It works with your home to give you a perfect balance of energy use.

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Home Automation & Heating Control

Oakpark Alarms Security Services Ltd

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