OAT (Oxford Automotive Technologies) Ltd


OAT Ltd Will Partner You To Reduce Your Energy Consumption!

  • Comprehensive Energy Audits.

OAT Ltd are your perfect partners to discover areas where you can save energy. In addition to providing an Energy Audit service, OAT Ltd will also undertake to carry out remedial works necessary to comply with current and future regulations.

Our engineers are independently assessed by the Carbon Trust and can work through the Trust or on independent commissions

  • Energy Saving Lighting Controls.
    • Insight  Lighting Controls

A range of interchangeable and compatible controls for the energy efficient control of large open lit sites. Includes controls for both 'Discharge' and 'Fluorescent' lighting.

  • Enhanced Capital allowances (ECAs)
    • All our products and services have 'Energy Institute' Approval and are in the ECA scheme.
  • Wireless Metering.

OAT Ltd can provide the latest GPRS Technology specifically developed for remotely reading Utility Meters.


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